Sunday, November 08, 2009

It's All Free

I had such weird dreams last night. This is due partly because of Frankie rooming in. She sleeps best if I put her crate up by my head and she can see me and hear me. She wakes up frequently, beats up her toy or fights with her blanket then usually goes right back to sleep within five minutes or so. This is accompanied with a lot repositioning and with puppy grunts and sighs: "Ur ur ur murrr ur ur." This wakes me so I know I am dreaming. Just saying in case you could not figure out that bit of rocket science!

I can't remember all of the dreams. I do know that at one point I thought I had been laying awake except for the fact that my fantasy was way too detailed and strange to be an awake fantasy. I dream a lot about hospitals. This requires no explanation, rocket science is not required. Anyway, Becky was in the hospital having another baby. Whew!So far so good! She told me to take Sammy out for a bit because he was going stir crazy. We went out into a nice sitting room where I proceeded to get caught up in a really neat magazine that was just full of juicy Hollywood gossip that I needed to read about: Oh my goodness, wow, how incredible!`I never knew. Well I never! The thing that bugs me the most about this is the fact that I can not for the life of me remember who or what the gossip was about. Then....I glanced up to discover that Sammy was no where to be seen! Oh horror! I shot out of that waiting room like hmmm... how about this Lightning McQueen! Sorry, my head is always at a loss for good metaphors.

You can imagine my joy when I found him happily playing in the giant sandbox in the main lobby that was located right beside the petting zoo which was closed for lunch. However....before I could get to him he took off, jumped into a miniature bus and drove off down the hall. Let me tell you that bus was fast and could Sammy ever drive, spiked hair and all. I finally caught up with him and was determined to keep a close watch on him. As we were on the way back to see his mom, we passed a kiosk that looked like a gift shop except everything inside was free! FREE!!! Unbelievable! Conveniently at that time Angela showed up. We got a shopping cart. They did not have bags for stuff but we figured that it didn't matter, we could easily just chuck everything into the trunk. We put Sammy into the child seat where he would not be able to get lost on us or distract us.

We threw into the cart: purses, cute baby cloths, cloths for to fit a twelve year old Come on! It was free. Pfft! We got free candles, backscratchers, a light fixture, rick-0-rack and knick knacks give the dog a bone. The best of all, I spotted some towels. I knew that Angela needed some new beach towels for her trip to El Salvador. Oh, clap clap! They looked like nice big ones! I unfolded one for her to get a good look. Now here is the absolute funny part: the towels had a picture of a bikini clad girl on them but the eyes and mouth were cut out so that you could put it over your face and your eyes and lips would show. The towel also had the boobs cut out so that you could stick your boobs through. Bwaa hahahaha! What a photo opportunity.


footsack said...

That is hilarious!! I dream a lot and then I wake up thinking to myself "I have to remember this". Then I go back to sleep and in the morning it's usually gone. Suck!! Some of them are good too. I just know they are.

Sue said...

I thoroughly enjoyed this post! I am like Mitz and almost never remember my dreams.

The Invisible Mo said...

That was hilarious. I used to have a pen and paper so I could write key points to my dreams before I went back to sleep. Then after awhile I remembered them all without help. The last ten or so years, though, I only remember them now and then. Maybe I should go back to keeping a pen and paper handy.

Eve said...

I never remember my dreams. I do remember waking myself up snoring occasionally. I'd as soon forget that!