Tuesday, November 03, 2009

I smell like a puppy

She love shoes...Roscoe love socks

Mike has to hold her still

She is tiny, you should see the itty bitty collar I bought for her!

Franky loves Roscoe and all she wants to do is play with him and be his friend. Roscoe on the other hand is not sure what to make of this tiny, fast moving and ear nipping little thing. He growls at her. She is only two and a half pounds. She would fit nicely in his mouth. I think he could swallow her whole. Needless to say, all contact at this point has to be carefully supervised. She seems to be very interested in the cats too. I kept her away from Libby. I need to clip her claws. Libby looks like she could swallow this puppy whole too.

Franky is very sweet and so far seems to have a perfect temperament. She does not cower yet is not overly aggressive either. I can roll her on her back and she just tries to either wiggle loose or play with my hand. She seems to like to sleep in her cat crate so that is great. She is a greedy little thing and eats like a little piggy. I will have to be careful because I don't think she knows when to quit eating. The grand kids are going to love her and want to take her home. She is so tiny and when she tries to chew your fingers it just tickles.

The one thing that she can do is fart up a storm. Whoowee! You would not think that stink could come out of such a little thing!!! I will have to take her outside on a little leash. She is so tiny she can get under anything and I am afraid that she will do just that and I won't be able to get her out with out having to destroy something.


The Invisible Mo said...

LOL...too cute!

Cindi said...

She is so cute! You definitely made a good choice! Roscoe will like her once he realizes she isn't going anywhere! Daxter was the same way when we got Titan! It was just the opposite because as a puppy Titan was already bigger than Dax!

Avaelyn said...

My goodness she's just the sweetest thing!! I just want to roll her up into a little ball and pop her in my mouth. In a good way.

Sue said...

oh Chris, she is so cute.

Melanie said...

CARRIE! I seriously thought reading this post - "that dog is so cute I actually want to eat it. Just nibble on her little floppy ears." and then I thought, I can't write that in the comments! I love it. I think that about Bella sometimes too. That I could just roll her in some rice and eat her like a sushi roll. I may have a sickness. Maybe a weird side effect from eating strange food for breakfast.

Auntie Chris, as evidenced by us wanting to snack on your dog, I love her! I want to come visit you even more now!! Man alive she's cute.

Lucy said...

oh, my gosh I am behind on my blog reading and just got caught up, you have the cutest little puppy. Franky is soooo adorable!!!

diana said...

aww.... she is so cute. i just love puppies and kittens. they're so cute and such fun to play with.

brody (our golden) loves socks too! i came downstairs yesterday and their was a small pile of 4 or 5 different socks. he took them out of the laundry basket in the laundry room. thankfully, he didn't chew the up like he usually does.

have a fun day with frankie

footsack said...

I can see why you fell in love!! I want a puppy :( :(

Jenn said...

Oh, my gosh!!! What a cutie.