Sunday, November 29, 2009

Grey Cup Sunday

It was nice to go away but it is always nice to be home. Frankie was a very happy dog to be home. She missed Roscoe. Tonight I heard her bay for the first time. She was so excited to play with Roscoe, she bayed. She was kind of a bad girl this evening and had trouble calming down. I have learned to simply put her into her crate until she settles herself down. It does no good to fight with her. When she winds like that she does not even listen to Roscoe even when he barks in her face. She just barks back.

Mike and I are choked about the Riders loosing the Grey Cup. For you Americans, that is the Canadian version of the Super Bowl. We lost because of an illegal substitution or in other words to many guys on the field in the last seconds of the game. Of course it should have never come down to that seeing as how they blew a big lead. Oh well, at least we made it to the Grey Cup and they had us going for pretty much the whole game.

How many more days in November? This is getting painful, NaBloPoMo that is.


Becky said...

One more Mom!

Jientje said...

Welcome home. Sorry about the Grey Cup though.

The Invisible Mo said...

I hope you will continue to blog at least a little bit once it's over. It's been nice reading blogs again. Sorry your team lost.