Monday, March 02, 2009

Shameless campaigning

I can say with absolute certainty that I feel not even a hint of shame to do a little campaigning for one of my favorite blogs that I have been following. Momisoides has been nominated for a Scholastic award for best mommy blog. Out of 500 blogs put forward they narrowed down the field to the final ten. She is one of the ten. If she gets through to the final five, she will be featured in Parent and Child magazine. Ummm...she did not ask me to do this but I really would love to see her win so I did it! Eeeeeeeee! Follow the purple links...follow the purplke links....follow the purple links. Ahem...sorry, just my little attempt at some virtual hypnosis. Did it work? No? Close your eyes. Repeat the red words a few more times. There! Away you go to vote.

I was away all last week. I jumped on the bus. I went to help my daughter with the renovations on the new house that they have purchased. It has been so much fun to watch the house come out of the eighties and be turned into a modern bright and fresh home. We got the babies room painted. It is the most beautiful soft shade of pink. The crowning glory in the room is the chandelier with the pink crystals. We were both clapping our hands with glee.

I was expecting to come home and start packing to leave for Seattle this week and to probably be leaving the week after. That was what was supposed to be happening. While I was gone, the people in Seattle decided that they wanted John to do one more round of Velcade, Cyclophosphomide and Dexamethasone. They have proposed that instead of going directly into the donor transplant, they figure that they should do another autologous transplant (using his own cells) and then follow right away with doing an allogeneic transplant (donor cells) . They want to do all of this in Seattle. It is all up in the air at this point. Our doctor is against doing the auto transplant. He is away this week. I think we will be meeting with his associate later this week. We really are confused by all of this change in direction by the people in Seattle. There was no talk of the possibility of doing another auto while we were out there. Both of us are dreading that possibility. It is a very hard thing to go through. It will extend the time we are out there.

The only good news about everything is that we may be able to be here when grand daughter number two is born on April first. My daughter still is having problems believing that this is indeed a girl. Well just a little anyway. It has to do with the date of the C-section. April Fools day! She thinks that maybe....yeah... April fools...its a boy! Oh, one last cute picture! Sammy fell asleep with his head on a ball.

Comfy huh?


Momisodes said...

You are the best!!! Thank you so much for your support. It really means so much.

That is so exciting you spent the week at your daughter's house. That chandelier looks awesome! Very chic.

So sorry to hear about everything with Seattle. I hope everything gets settled soon.

LOVE that pic. It's amazing the ways they can fall asleep.

Margaret said...

I love that chandelier! I can't think of anything that would top up a little girls room better.

Becky said...

LOL. Sammy loves the picture you put up.

"There's SAMMY!"

"I'm sleeping there! I'm sleeping! I'm sleeping on the ball! That's funny! I'm sleeping on the ball."

Lucy said...

I was getting worried about you! I was so glad to see you did a post and you left a comment on my blog, I missed you.

Now, Love the chandelier.
Hope you get the news you are looking for and the picture of the little one sleeping, well, what can one say but toooo cute.

Now, I have to go visit some blog because I was told to follow the purple links I keep seeing that phrase over and over again in red!

Christine said...

Oh Sammy, I already miss you!

Karen said...

I love that chandelier. it is beautiful. I want one for my bedroom. when I get a house.

diana said...

sounds like you had a good time away, even though you were working. what a gorgeous chandelier.

hope the trip to seattle works out.

Sue said...

That chandelier is amazing! Can't wait to see pictures of the finished rooms. maybe I'll have to go for a drive this spring.

Awwwe Sammy, your too cute!

Praying that everything works out for the transplant.

Cindi said...

That chandelier is just too much! I love it!! If it fit with what I was doing in either of our girls rooms I would so be copying! I love the daisy details on it too! How fitting for Becky's little princess!!

Jientje said...

She totally deserves winning this!!
I love the chandelier, so pretty!

And I'm keeping you two in my prayers, wishing all goes well in Seatle, whatever they decide to do!

Becky said...

(We, and by we, I mean I, painted it. It used to be all off white. We, and by we, I mean I, added the green, some more white, and the yellow. Mom kept me company though and offered suggestions and most importantly, raved about it once it was up.)

The Invisible Mo said...

It's an adorable chandelier and the paint is perfect! Off white it would be just another light fixture, but with the pink, green and yellow it is absolutely adorable!
I will go follow the purple (not on my computer, but if you say so) links.

Fluffy said...

That chandelier would look great in my craft room. I want to paint it the same pink as my back room. It's such a happy color.