Wednesday, March 04, 2009

I Know That My Life Would Be Better If....

I am have a confession to make. I have maybe been watching just a tad bit too much television lately. This is not good as I tend to be a little bit of a sucker though I prefer the term gullible or better yet, naive. Today, I am convinced that I really can't live life to its full potential with out the:
Sham Wow

Due to the fantastic absorption properties of this product, I would love this to dry the dog after his bath. According to the infomercial, all I will have to do is to lay the Sham Wow on the dog and it will suck the moisture right off of his fur. I will no longer need five towels! Wow!


On second thought, maybe not. Our dog is afraid of any tools. We do not understand this. He is afraid of screwdrivers, pliers, hammers. I can't imagine what he would do if I were to came at him with this tool. It took a long time before it was no longer a three person job to simply clip his nails.

Smooth Away

On second thought perhaps I should steer clear of this one. I am having flashbacks to the cheap electric razor that chewed up my arm pit hair right up to my skin and ended up dangling from my underarm. I am wondering how exfoliated a person would end up being before the hair is actually removed?

Well that was a good job that I did. Now I think that I only need the Sham Wow. Oh by the way, does anybody need a Rotato Potato peeler?


Martha said...

hey, I actually ordered that Sham wow - LOVE it - kids spilled on the rug - actually worked! I was impressed - but don't have a dog to test it on though!

Lucy said...

Those darn infomercials suck me in. You don't even want to know what my husband has to say about 'my problem'. It does take me a while to break down a buy something but, oh, I have to control myself.
I have been dying to get the Sham Wow and the Magic Bullet.
A girl can dream!

Sue said...

The sham-wow sounds great. might be worth a try.

The hair removal thing reminds me of the story Mom told me about her and Aunt Katie using sand paper when they were teenagers. Don't think I want to try that one.

Jientje said...

LOL!!! A patato rotato? Try pronouncing that ten times in a row, it's worse than my name!!

The Invisible Mo said...

The "Rotato Potato" sounds like a dangerous instrument for someone like me. I am sure I would end up peeling the skin off my finger instead of the potato.
I used to use the hair removal tool that was basically very fine sandpaper. It really wasn't that bad. I've been thinking about going back to it because plucking tends to leave ingrown hairs and the sanding never did.

Eve said...

I have a Smooth Away. I like it for my legs a lot. Now for the confessions - I have very little hair on my legs. I have no hair under my arms so have not tested it there. I'm not sure how it would work on a hairier person. My daughter is wanting to try it on her arms (she thinks she's related to King Kong) so I will let you know how that works out. lol

BTW - some days I cannot get blogger blogs to load. If I don't drop in to see you really often, this is part of the reason. (The rest of the reason is that I've just been avoiding stuff lately.)

diana said...

i have not heard of a one of these. where do you find them? the sham-wow is the only one that sounds half decent. good luck =)

Momisodes said...

ROFL! That kitty clip is hilarious! My dog is terrified of tools as well. Actually, my husband has a Dremel tool, and he attaches something to it so that it is very similar to the Pedi-paw. He hates it, but it's still more gentle than clippers :)

Oh, and I SO want a Sham-wow!

Fluffy said...

We loved the cat video. I can't imagine having one of them for mine. Elvis is the only one who gets his nails clipped and half the time, I don't even think he knows what is going on.

A what??

Karen said...

every time I am tempted to buy one of those tv infomercial products, I am reminded of the time I bought some of those "dryer balls". They were the biggest waste of money, ever. Don't do it, I tell you.