Monday, February 16, 2009

After Girls Night Out

Grandpa Baby sat. Let us see how he did.
We come in the front door.

Grandpa is buried with toys and boys.

The living room is full of toys.
The kitchen is full of toys

Roscoe wishes he could fit into the cupboard too.
If I had not seen this picture that the grandpa took, I would not have believed that Ben fit himself into the cupboard.

Before you have too much pity on the grandpa, he did not look after the boys all by himself. He had help. Jonathan and Noah came over to give him a hand.


Lucy said...

Grandpa had a blast!
Grankids had a blast too!!!

Margaret said...

It looks like babysitting is as much fun for Grandpa as it was for the grandkids.

diana said...

i love the picture of the boys in the cupboard. that is such a kid thing to do. i'm sure both grandpa and grandkids had a grand time =)

Sue said...

Looks like everybody had a great time!

footsack said...

Those are awesome pictures! Sure look like a fun time for everyone!!

John said...

If they wanted to play with it I let them. Jonathan and I watched a hockey game and the boys played with every toy they could find. No idea what brought on the cupboard thing. I went in there and couldn't find Sam, until Ben pointed him out. My bedroom looked just as bad.

Momisodes said...

LOL! My house looks quite similar (plus a pile of dirty dishes) whenever Dadisodes takes over :) Looks like they had fun though!

Karen said...

but Grandpa looks like he was having so much fun!