Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Van Gogh's Ear

I have been generously bestowed upon with this very unique award of Van Gogh's ear. It was created by Rodger at Idaho Photo

Van Gogh's Ear Award

Make sure you go and read about the story of this award here. It should make you chuckle, If it doesn't, I don't know what will! I was chosen to receive it by Little Erin over at Erin Uncensored. She just got her start at blogging during the November madness of NaBloPoMo. Stop by her place and say hello. I love introducing you all to each other and it is fun when we are all friends together. I do want to pass this on. Don't worry if you don't feel like an artist because after all, life itself is art and really, art is in the eye of the beholder. Ya, ya! I know that it goes: beauty is in the eye of the beholder but this is my blog space and I can write whatever I want. I will pass on the award as follows:

Comedy as an art form
Expateek -Uproariously knee slapping, coffee spitting funny!
Fluffy -occasional deliberate thrusts designed to make me fall off my chair.
Photography as an art form
Jeintje- Takes you to places that you will never get to go and daily lavishes photographic beauty on her grateful readers.
Being a grandma as an art form
Fab Grandma Karen- not only is she a grandma, she can sew and make jewelery!
Spreading Sunshine as an art form
Dianna- she makes a person think!
Being a great friend as an art form
Invisible Mo- I love the everyday stories of her life. I usually pour myself a cup of coffee when I stop by. It feels like we have had a good visit.
Lucy- Chronicles of day to day living. There is usually something there that I can relate to.
Being a mom as an art form
The gals in this category should probably get two of Van Gogh's ears and maybe some of Picasso's eyes. That would maybe give them some super natural powers that would come in handy from time to time.

Stop by Rogers place to pick up the URL and make sure you link back to his site if you choose to post your award.


Lucy said...

Thanks so much. I wrote my blog about my excitement over this and love the award. I like what Roger thought up and later on I plan on visiting your buddies.
Thanks again and I appreciate you visiting!!!

Jientje said...

Gee thanks Christine!! I am honoured!!!
Although I don't FEEL like my photography is art but somehow other people do! Wow!
The story on the award did make me chuccle!

diana said...

thank you christine. i am always honored when an award is passed on to me and after reading the history of this particular one, i'm even more appreciative.

i will definitely post this and pass it on. i also have a bunch of new blogs to go visit. so thanks for that, too =)

Fluffy said...

Thank you. I've been away from the computer so much lately it's downright appalling. Am I funny? I didn't know I was funny. Wait a minute. Is it like being a poet and not knowing it?

Karen said...

Thank you for the great honor!