Friday, January 09, 2009

Son Of A Gun!

Son of a gun! While out in my husbands world, otherwise known as the garage, I noticed a spray bottle of some type of solution in amid the myriad of other tubes and bottles and jars and cans. It is called Son Of A Gun. That is what is in the bottle. Son of a gun! You never know what you will find in the garage, well at least my husbands garage. What? You would like me to go back out there and see if I can determine what the hoink it is used for? There are dead spiders and flies and goodness knows what else up there with all the bottles and tubes! I look but I do not touch, at least that is what the instructions are regarding stuff in the garage. He probably leaves the bugs there on purpose. I made the mistake of thinking I was helping him by cleaning the garage once. Whew! That got me in big trouble. He couldn't find anything. He can't find anything unless it is a mess, then he can find stuff. The item he is looking for can be right in front of his nose but he can't find it unless there is a pile of clutter on top of it.

I love picking on him. I have been doing it for just about 35 years now. He is used to it. Usually the worst response I get is the eye roll and the look. This just makes me laugh. Sometimes he says: "Woman...get a brain!" That is the response I got yesterday, along with the eye roll and the look, when I commented on the noises he makes when he drives. It sounds like he is making driving noises to me. He claims that he is humming! I do not know what getting a brain has to do with any of this. Ha! He makes me laugh. That is one of the reasons that I love him so much.

Yesterday was his birthday. You would think that I could go one day without teasing him wouldn't you? For those who know him, they will understand how hard that is. It is apparent to me that others just love to tease him too. That is why he got this card from his kids.

Do you know how fast you were going over that hill?
Happy Birthday!

Anyway, we all went out and celebrated. We had supper at an authentic Italian restaurant. They make their own pasta. Fantastic! Even my grandson Noah loved his spaghetti although it would be more accurate to say he loved his Parmesan cheese with a little bit of spaghetti to go with it. He loves that cheese so much that he will eat it right out of the bowl.

Even little Abigail had fun. After a nice nap she enjoyed being passed around and held by all in attendance. She is so adorable, all the other patrons at the tables near us could not keep their eyes off her.
Who could keep their eyes off her! I even love her crinkly ears. Her poor little ears got all squished up. They are starting to relax and straighten out. She is a bit yellow in this picture. She is even more yellow today. Mommy and daddy are taking her in right now. Grandpa and I are waiting for Noah to get here and we will play with him while Abigail goes to see the doctor.


Sue said...

You know I can just hear John saying "Get a brain Woman". And I hear ya on the whole Man's domain thing.
I thought you guys had found a new restaurant yesterday. I asked John were you were going for supper and being a man of many word and long sentences, he said "Ta Verna's" I understood "to Verna's". I thought it was some new Mennonite place.
Glad you had a good evening!

Christine said...

We went to Tavernas. Hahaha!

Becky said...

LOL. I noticed the scrunched up ears and forgot to ask about them. (I was too occupied with... Her.)

That card is hilarious. Especially since it's a cat.

Gotta go. Boys are grumpy and I'm sick. Yay.

Lucy said...

Little guy eating pasta adorable, the little baby too beautiful.
Someone please explain why men must live in clutter zones?
Happy Birthday to your guy!
Sounds like it was a nice celebration.

Saucy said...

Abigail is beyond adorable. Seriously, I think my new computer screen must be Smell-O-Vision because I can smell new beautiful baby right now. You are one lucky lady. One fun day for all!!

Jientje said...

The baby is so adorable, that little nose, those ears ... I feel like holding her too!
I can totally relate to the "man world" you described! I sorted out his stuff once, boy oh boy!! Only ONCE, I'll tell you! I used my female logic to do the job, but I know NOW it does not work that way!!
I have never been tempted to do it again!! Unfortunately there is a big territory of man world right here on the desk next to mine!!
In fact the whole study looks like a den, but if I want to get him mad and grumpy for the rest of the day, all I have to do is ask him to declutter!!! Ewwww!

Bientje said...

But I'm still curious what this Son of a gun-spray is used for!
Could you maybe get into that garage, overwin your bugfear, try and grab it from underneath the clutter and read the instructions on the spraycan??? I know the feeling, our garage is a mess... and I am not allowed to clean and declutter it... Men (rolleyes)!

Bientje said...

And the little baby is sooooooooo cute! She's just adorable! Lucky you!

little erin said...

abigail is beautiful!!!!!!! i hope the hubby had a wonderful birthday! it looked like it was a fun time!

The Invisible Mo said...

My Jeren was yellow like that, too. It only lasted a few days and then his bilirubin evened out.
She is adorable, anyway!
Glad you enjoyed your evening out with the kids!
Tell John Happy Birthday for me.

Fluffy said...

That's Zippo! He finally got a job. I can start charging him rent. That hat and shades is so like him. Much better than antlers.

diana said...

love the card. happy birthday to your husband. and what a cute baby. hope she's ok.