Monday, January 19, 2009

Talking About The Weather

I have the front door wide open. Roscoe is sitting there sunning himself and watching the kids go to school. It is a beautiful morning and is supposed to be up in the pluses again today. It is so nice after having a month of sub zero stuff. It would be hard for anybody to be grumpy.

Yesterday there were probably 30 kids on the toboggan hill. If that is an exaggeration, then it is John's exaggeration. He took the dog for a walk out that direction. The dog was beside himself with joy! As soon as he saw his leash he knew he was in for a treat and immediately started his pre walk ritual. Run to the leash, run to you. Run to the leash, run to you. John made a quick stop at the washroom before he went out. The dog sat at the washroom door and cried. A month of sub zero temperatures was too much for him too.

I am sure Canadians everywhere will talk about the weather today. It doesn't matter if it is nice out or horrible out. It is the Canadian thing to do. Perfect strangers talk about the weather.

It is apparently also the British thing to do. I learned that from Mr. Google. To my chagrin, I learned that it is the French thing to do: Je voudrais une place au soleil. It is the Thai thing to do: Taiwan de lrangi hen re. It is the Spanish thing to do: Esta muy bueno! It is 37,700,000 Google entries thing to do. Yeash!

How is your weather?


Lucy said...

The weather! Yes, I agree, it seems to be everyone's topic of discussion no matter where they live. Enjoy your nice day in the middle of winter!
One thing I have noticed, at least for me, the sun makes a world of difference, so even if it is really cold if the sun is shining it just seems to be a little bit better than those ugly, gloomy winter days!

Jientje said...

Grey, raining a lot of wind! You would not want to be here! I'm counting the days till Spring!

Fluffy said...

It snowed all day here. Maude was NOT happy. When it stopped, everything was just wet.

diana said...

i'm embarassed to say that we're having unseasonably mild weather. it's been in the 60s since thursday and they say it will hit 70 tomorrow (wednesday). crazy!

we're certainly enjoying it because we know we're still in store for some of the cold stuff.

enjoy yours too.

Karen said...

It was 72 and cloudy today here in the desert southwest of Arizona. We have a 50% chance of rain, but it will be lovely again tomorrow. Thanks for asking.