Thursday, January 15, 2009


Both of these awards were given to me by Lucy from Lucy's World. You are a dear! Thank you for giving them to me. Only problem:

I am going to get too big for my britches!

My head is going to swell

Seeing as how I just bought a new pair of jeans and due to my short legs, I had to pay $12 to have them hemmed plus the fact that I am eating my way through a whole week of the soup diet to make sure that those jeans don't shrink, I would say that I can not afford to have my britches expand. I know that my head is a tad small for my body but I am concerned that I will not be able to control the head swelling and may not be able to stop its growth before it explodes.

Maybe the honest scrap award will help me out a little bit! Yes, that is what is needed to bring myself back down to earth instead of floating around up in the air with any other bloggers who have acquired balloon heads. I did not see any of them in the 5 minutes I was up there but I am sure there must be some. This award is not really an award until I write 10 honest things about myself. This way I can humble myself and still be awarded. It will comfort me when the men in the white jackets come to get me. I am sure it will be traumatic to divulge such deep and honest confessions.

1. I read my books backwards. I am too impatient to wait for the story to unfold as the author intended. I almost always know the end before I get there. This does not ruin the story for me. This will drive Becky nuts: I knew the end of the latest Tad Williams series by book two!

2. I rock myself to sleep. No, that is not quite right. I wiggle myself to sleep by moving my foot back and forth rapidly. I have been doing it since my birth. Oops! that is a small fib. Whew, this is hard for me as:

3. I am prone to exaggeration. While most of what you read here is mainly true Urghh at times I do embellish things, but only for your reading pleasure!

4. I like to eat chocolate syrup on toast. This is torture for me to write because this is not on the soup diet.

5. I find lists like this hard. While I do have a random brain with lots of bits floating around in it, most of it is useless and very hard to access.

6. I would laugh if you tripped. I would laugh harder if you fell face first into a snow bank. It would be hard for me to help you up because I would be laughing too hard.

7. I laugh when I trip. I laugh harder when I fall face first into a snow bank and am helpless to get up without help.

8. I hide snacks from other family members. This habit started when the kids were little. If I did not do this, they would have ate all the snacks when I was not aware of it. The only problem with this strategy is that they were very aware of the fact that I hid snacks. They got very good at looking for them. They still look for them sometimes. I am sure. I simply find new and better hiding places. I need help. Help me! I can not stop.

9. Sometimes I do not answer the phone when it rings. Sometimes I do not answer the phone when it does not ring.

10. I do not like feet. This is funny because at one time I was seriously entertaining the thought of becoming an pedicurist. I have trouble taking care of my own feet let alone the feet belonging to another person. I must stop thinking about this now. I am making myself sick.

Now it is time to pass on the baton. Getting awards is really like a relay. Run with it my little chickies! Run!

Honest scrap award
Eve- Adam's Wife Weblog
Susan- Prairie Lilly
John- The King
Trav- Is It A Blog?
All the rest who would like this award: if you can post 10 honest things about yourself you will have earned it!

Butterfly Award
I can not choose. I award it too all! You are all cool.
If I did not think so I would not be stopping by so often.

Awards rules: Pick up your award and post it on your blog. Link back to who you received the award from. Pass it on to ten other people. Sorry I did not do this. I is a lot of work and I think that Mr. Linky gets tired. If you can not award it to ten just do the best you can.


Lucy said...

It's theraputic, right?
The chocolate syrup on toast, that is a new one.
I too laugh when someone trips!
Enjoyed learning more about you!!!

Sue said...

Thanks Chris!...I think. I will try and get this done before the weekend.
Hmmmm....10 things...

Becky said...

1. That DOES drive me nuts.

3. Only for our reading pleasure? Really? See, now THAT is an under-exaggeration of epic proportions. (Which may be an exaggeration.)

diana said...

i rock my leg back and forth to get to sleep sometimes, too.

reading a book backwards and chocolate syrup on toast are two of the strangest facts i've heard in some time. i love how God made us all so different =)

Eve said...

Thank you for this great honor. I've been floundering with nothing to write lately. 10 honest things about me should be good for at least a day.

I've only ever rocked myself to sleep when I had a water bed. By moving my foot just slightly the bed would rock gently. I rather miss that.

Trav said...

ok... so i did it.... you made me post something new lol.

Momisodes said...

Oh my! I now MUST try chocolate syrup on toast now. I blame you! :)

I love reading things like this about people.

p.s. I used to do the foot thing sometimes, too.

Karen said...

No chocolate syrup on toast for me, but I would put it in my coffee if I could not find Chocolate Coffee Mate. And girl, you must be tripping! reading books backwards?

John said...

Must I now make a new post. I do it so seldom I might need directions. The foot rocking thing used to drive me nuts early on and I would put my foot on her to stop it. Didn't help. Finally I just gave in and decided it would be easier to get used to it as well. Now I never notice. Not sure if I can be that honest but will try.

The Invisible Mo said...

I was beginning to think we were twins until I got to number 4. Ewwwww....haha.
I too read the last chapter before I read the book. I like to know how things turn out. I've done it ever since I can remember. I also tend to read magazines from back to front. I'm the same way about movies. The only movies I will watch without knowing the whole plot ahead of time are comedies.
I broke myself of the foot movement while in my twenties. It drove my husband nuts. It took me a few years but I finally succeeded. Now I only do it if I'm stressed out, which is seldom.
Maybe I will try to come up with a list.
If you were here, I could have hemmed your jeans!

Fluffy said...

Thanks so much for the kind words when I was so depressed last week. I owe you one. Look for it in the mail.

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