Saturday, November 08, 2008

This Is So Random

So much for the big packaloosa. Lets see. I started in order of priority. I managed to pack my knitting and some pictures of the grandchildren then decided to go to town for lunch and to shop. With Becky's and Sammy's and Ben's help, I got through my list. Even though we spent time at Petcetra with the kids looking at the animals and spent time letting the boys ride on a couple of those funny rides that are a mandatory kid traps at the mall and really had done very little shopping, Ben told me: "That was way to much shopping grandma!" He figured that we should go back to the rides and animals. I had run out of Loonies. For my American friends this is our dollar coin which was received this title due to the loon depreciated on the front of it.

There were a couple of really cute dogs there. I am always so tempted to get another dog. I can easily envision myself becoming a crazy old dog lady. My kids already think I am a crazy old dog lady. They say the dog gets away with way too much. Yeash! So they say. Don't listen to them.

On a happy note, I think the skunk has left his residence of under the neighbors shed. Our neighbor Googled how to get the skunk to move. It turns out that skunks don't like bright lights. He left a light out there and for good measure played music non stop for a few days. I wonder if he picked country or rock. Yodeling would get me to move. Brilliant! The dog does not seem to be paying attention to the area anymore. I have been thinking of putting flour out and seeing if any tracks are left there but at this point it would work to just wait a bit until it snows.

Becky is going to go and be the big jerk now. There is such a party going on in the basement with the grandpa and the boys. It is a wrestlemania. It is bed time.


Karen said...

Loonies? What country are you in? Is your loonie worth more or less than a dollar?

Christine said...

I live in Canada. A loonie is a dollar coin worth about 79 cents U.S. It was worth about a $1.10 U.S. last summer. It is all due to the economic troubles. Our Canadian powers that be devalued our dollar to try to help our economy. I don't understand how this works???

Eve said...

I always thought the Loonies were the ones in charge of important stuff - like devaluing the dollar. Now you tell me it's the money itself?

Saucy said...

I can't even go into Petcetera for fear I will bring home a new pooch myself. It is a hazard for me. We have two dogs right now but my heart is aching for a Yorkie. I will not do it. I will not do it.

I will also be a crazy old dog lady someday.

Fluffy said...

I keep threatening Gus that I am going to get a mini weiner dog. He would die of jealousy.