Friday, November 28, 2008

Mist, mist Go Away

Today's weather calls for mist and toward afternoon some more mist. Expect evening mist then clearing toward the weekend. I can't bring myself to call the moisture outside rain. It feels more like stepping into a cloud. It is all fuzzy and moist. Overly humid! Non Arboretum weather. Sigh... It is good weather to rent a movie, read a book or knit. Maybe today I will try to figure out where I am on the sweater that I had started knitting last winter. What I really would like to do is buy some yarn and start a project for my baby grandchild that should be coming along in January. Today that is a dumb plan.

I would have liked to go out and do a little shopping but today is Black Friday. I wonder why they call it that? There are big sales at the stores and they will be very busy. At some of the stores, people have been camping out so they can be first in line when the stores open and some stores planned to open at 4:00AM! We are supposed to avoid crowds. We are advised to avoid shopping during peak shopping time. I really don't feel like fighting crowds anyway. It is not on my list of fun things to do. Sounds like Boxing Day. Maybe the Americans have something here. While our stores are jacking up the prices so they can make even more money from the Christmas shoppers, these guys are giving the shoppers a break before they jack the prices up. It is a small window of opportunity that everybody is trying to go through at the same time. Bah humbug!

Perhaps a few episodes of Corner Gas will cheer me up. We bought season five before we left. We figured that maybe it would help when we felt homesick.


Jientje said...

So this Black Friday thing are sales going on huh, I already gathered that much, but tell me, is it only one day then? And then after that day prices are up to normal again, is that right? I think I can understand the crazyness now!

The Invisible Mo said...

Welcome to Seattle's version of fall! haha. Of course I am way used to gray days with rain in the form of mist. I personally think it REALLY is low clouds.

As far as shopping on Black Friday (it is called that because most stores are in the black that day) I am not at all interested in it. First, I do not like crowds. Second, I had lots of kids and usually shopped all year with Christmas in mind. Third, did I mention I hate crowds.
I went one year back when Lamonts still existed and they gave away Cracker Jacks and stores still opened at a respectable 7am. I can't think of a single reason that I would want to stand in line just to get INTO the store. I can't even imagine wanting to get up at 3am just to get a "doorbuster". I can't stand the "gimmee, gimmee" attitude, the pushing, the shoving, the's just not my thing.
There is no sale big enough to convince me that this is fun. Let me pay the extra twenty dollars, please, for my sanity.

Becky said...

I'm glad you didn't get up to go to any of those sales. Did you hear about the Walmart employee who was trampled to death when they opened the doors at 5am? (And other people were injured too. Brutal.) Even without the injuries, that kind of shoving and jostling just to save a few bucks sure wouldn't put me in the Christmas spirit. It's so sad that a holiday that is supposed to be about the ultimate gift of SACRIFICIAL love can end up being only about getting the ultimate gift at the CHEAPEST price.

... And I'm sure the family of that poor man who worked at Walmart don't feel like any of the gifts bought that day came even close to cheap. Sad.

Christine said...

That gives Black Friday a whole new meaning. Black day indeed! We did go out this afternoon. We went up into the Queen Anne area. It was calm there. We avoided malls.

Sue said...

I am glad that you decided to avoid the malls.
Knitting something for a little granddaughter sounds like a marvelous project.

Christine said...

@ Cindy...seriously...I did not know or I certainly would not have said anything. I do not remember being told to keep quiet about it. I feel bad though. I am sorry but I guess that doesn't fix it.

Fluffy said...

We get rains like that here too. Personally, I have never shopped on Black Friday. Before I retired, I would always work that day. I got a lot done with only a few people there. They were prewarned not to bother me. It was a great day to work on an esecially difficult case.

diana said...

never heard of corner gas. it must be good for you to own a season's worth of episodes.

black friday is a crazy phenomenon (as you read in my post). it wasn't always such a big deal but retailers have made it to what it is today.