Thursday, November 27, 2008

Almost Forgot

I almost forgot to post today. Wouldn't that have been funny...make it almost to the end and forget to post?

Today is the American Thanksgiving so we had it off too. We did not feel like making ourselves a turkey dinner and did not want to waste the day sitting around in the apartment so we headed out on an adventure.

First we went to a new grocery store, the QFC. Their produce and selections beat out the Safeway up on Capital Hill area. It reminds me of the Safeway we have at home complete with Starbucks samples. yum...mocha mint and a small piece of banana bread while we waited at the till! The store was quiet. I am sure this is because most of the people are at home stuffing themselves with holiday delights.

Second we went to the Washington State Arboretum. This place is a huge forest like area that has about 20,000 trees and shrubs. I forgot my camera! Don't cry...we will be going back there often, maybe even tomorrow if it is nice out. This park puts the forestry farm to shame. It is free. We went for a nice long leisurely stroll. The air smelled so good. There were huge cedars and some kind of a tree that shed leaves that are about a foot long. There were many trees that we have never seen before. We are going to go back when the visitor center is open to get more information about the different species in the park I would love to see this place in the summer when everything is in bloom.

Now we are going to either have left over spaghetti or chicken quesadilla for supper. I am going to have one of these for dessert. I will probably get addicted to them and can not get them in Canada. Hope all my American friends had a great Thanksgiving and made sure to leave room for pie.


Aspergertopia said...

Mmmmmmmm. Those do look yummy!

Happy Thanksgiving!

footsack said...

Sounds like a very fun day. Those cookies look delicious. Enjoy!!

Jientje said...

They sure look addictive to me!
But I'm trying to loose some weight so maybe it's a good thing we cannot get them here as well!

Sue said...

Sounds like you had a great day. Those cookies look very good. You'll have to bring back a bunch and just have a treat every now and then. And maybe bring some over when you come Hot tubing.

Christine said...

I would bring some home but they are a premixed dough and have to be refrigerated. I can bake some of them and bring them home. I think I can replicate them from scratch.

Fluffy said...

When I was working, we would go to DC on Thanksgiving. The Smithsonian was open which includes all the museums and the zoo. If the weather was not good, we went to the movies and had popcorn and soda. The other kids envied my son when he went back to school and told them what he did.

Becky said...

Yuck. Those cookies look gross. I'm gagging.

The Invisible Mo said...

I thought about coming up to Seattle early and spending some time with you guys and my granddaughter, but I was still feeling odd and didn't want to take a chance if I'm sick.
Our Safeway has Starbucks and they were passing out samples the other morning when I shopped. Yummy!
Sounds like you had a nice time at the Arboretum. Maybe on one of my days off we can take our cameras and go take a walk through there.
Those cookies look good although I would have to pick the chocolate chips out. haha.

diana said...

that must have been a little strange being here in the states on a holiday that you don't celebrate. but it sounds like you had an enjoyable day.