Monday, November 24, 2008

I Am Confused!

We got up yesterday morning and John asked if I had tried to download the pictures again. I grumped: "No, why should I bother! It didn't work yesterday, why would it work today!" He stuck the stick into the computer and for pity sake...IT WORKED!!!! We just don't get it. Why? Why would it all of a sudden work? Here are the pictures of the boats:

The only way we have to visit with our grand children in to web cam with them. The only way I can take pictures of them is on line. Kind of sad isn't it? Anyway, we had a very nice visit Sunday afternoon. I am very thankful for the web cam. It brings them closer to us.

I put the Christmas tree up on Saturday while John was over at the clinic getting his regular IV treatment. He missed the last one just before we left so they did it here.

It looks kind of pathetic. I am going to have to find something more to put on it. It is missing something. What do you think? What does it need? I don't what to spend very much. Maybe ribbons or garland?


Karen said...

That tree needs some red garland! Or red somethings.

My son was in the Air Force in England for 7 years. While he was over there, we had webcams and microphones on our computers. We used Yahoo messenger to talk and see our grandchildren. It worked great, and we didn't have to miss out on so much. And they kids knew us when they finally did come to visit.

Becky said...

Garland. Or some kind of string type thing. Beads? Popcorn strings? (You said you were bored.)

Becky said...

(I thought you bought those silver snowflake strings? No?)

Christine said...

The silver snowflake strings are on there but they don't show up very well.

Momisodes said...

Aww, perhaps you need a tree skirt and some ribbons. I think it's a great size though :)

We are also familiar with the webcam predicament. It's the only way my parents can see my daughter most of the year.

Jientje said...

I sometimes experience the same problems, things that won't work no matter WHAT you try and then the next day all of a sudden they do work. And you never know what the hell it was you did wrong?!!
I love the pictures of the boats, I think it's pretty where you are!
You put up a tree THAT early? Oh my, girl you beat me to it this year! I usually put mine up the second week of December.But I think I understand, you want that homely feeling, yes?
I would add a couple of garlands I think. I agree it does need SOMEthing!

Anonymous said...

Well, I just love the pictures of the boats. I am a real boat person.

My sister lives in North Carolina and I live in Australia, so the only way I get to see my niece and nephew is via webcam. I know it's not the same as seeing them in person but it is still a very handy way to keep in touch. It does make me miss them a lot though.

I'm sure your tree will be spruced up before you know it!

The Invisible Mo said...

I have extra stuff, so don't buy anything. I will look through my garlands. I have one that is little presents, some that are candy (I use them, but not all of them) and others I can't remember. I will take pictures and you can choose. Oh...I have a lighted string of M&M's, haha.
And I'm bringing a tree skirt, so don't get one. Do you want green and red christmasy or blue snowman type christmasy?

The Invisible Mo said...

Oh, and the pictures are great.

Fluffy said...

Any tree is better than no tree. Can you e-mail me your adress there? I found the perfect Christmas card. You'll love it.

diana said...

i love those first few pictures. they're beautiful. glad it worked today. your daughter didn't find the cord?