Sunday, November 16, 2008


Today was an eventful day. This morning we went up, over and down the mountain on Rodgers Pass. The trip was pretty dicey! To start off with, there had been a collision 42 kilometers up the pass on the first really big hill. A semi truck had tried to make friends with the mountain. He did that and made friends with another little car as well. I think that everybody was alright but it did hold the traffic up. We formed a long line. The roads were icy and it snowed and rained. For most of the way we all were going between 40K and 50K per hour. All would have been fine except for the odd person who thought that it would be a good idea and pass people. It was even worse when some stupid semi driver would do this. One of the semi trucks behind us did pass a car behind us and literally drove him off the road. After that he rode our bumper then blew by us leaving us blinded by the water and slush that he stirred up and then he passed the snow plow! I have his licence plate number and we will be phoning both the police and the trucking company he works for. He did not get to where he wanted to any faster seeing how there was a convoy of vehicles that streched about a mile in front of us!

We drove through Revelstoke then Vernon where we stopped for lunch (sandwiches we made ourselves cause we are already sick of restauraunt food) then through Kelowna then Merrick and now we are staying at Hope. We have experienced many changes in the weather. We have gone from dry air hair standing on end full of electricity to 100 percent humidity here in Hope. We went from minus 2 degrees C. to plus 10 C. We are close to our destination so we will be there tomorrow. We decided to drive a little later than we really wanted to because we took the Kocahalla. It is a very high mountain road and the weather is unpredictable. It was good today but you can never tell what tomorrow will be like. I am glad to have the bulk of the mountains behing us.

I have been taking some pictures but left my usp port for my camera behind at home. We stopped at London Drugs to get a new one but I am sure we can get one cheaper than the twenty dollars they wanted. So that sums up our day except we have a really big flat screen TV in our room tonight. I am going to go and watch some of that now.


Sue said...

SOunds like you had quite a day.
Good for you on reporting the trucker. More people should do that. I am looking forward to seeing all your pictures and where you guys will be living. Have a great day and I pray your border crossing goes smoothly.

The Invisible Mo said...'re somewhere I've been, so you are getting much closer. Yikes! sounds like scary driving. I think it's good to report drivers like that. He should know better.
You'll be here soon. We are actually having a pretty mild fall so far. You'll just have to get used to rain. It does rain a lot during our fall and winters.
Hope the rest of your trip is uneventful. It's very appropriate that you are staying in Hope, don't you think?

Christine said...

@ mo: Very appropeate! I thought the same thing.

BTW...The border crossing went well. I don't know why I stress about that.

Aspergertopia said...

Wow. That does sound pretty eventful. Can't believe that truck driver though. What's he like eh?

Take care of yourselves!

Momisodes said...

Wow, sounds like quite an eventful day indeed. I hope the rest of the drive goes smoothly.

And rest up! Those temp changes must be tough to deal with.

Fluffy said...

We were crossing the Chesapeake Bay a few years ago when it was snowing and a big tractor trailer decided to pass everyone on the bridge. On the desent, he lost control and caused quite a backup. It was very scary, but I didn't wet my pants.