Sunday, October 05, 2008

Man Stabbed, Beaten in Saskatoon's West Side

Allegedly Attempted to Confront Other Driver After Being Cut Off
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A driver in Saskatoon is recovering from some serious injuries in what appears to be a road-rage-related incident.

Police say Saturday morning a driver followed another vehicle that had allegedly cut him off on 33rd street in Saskatoon's west side. They stopped on Avenue B. But when the man got out, he was confronted by as many as five people from the other vehicle.

Police say he was stabbed and apparently beaten with a tire iron, suffering trauma to the head and several stab wounds.


The above story had me upset when I read it this morning. We have had far to many random acts of meaningless violence that usually ends up being perpetrated by gangs. I think that this was more than road rage.

It turns out the victim of this incident is the brother-in-law of Dennly. My son went to school with Dennly. The above story is not entirely correct. The young man was taking his pregnant sister to work. He was chased by the other vehicle. He made the mistake of turning down a side street and was cornered. He got out of the vehicle to take attention away from his pregnant sister. They pounded him with a tire iron and stabbed him multiple times. He has head injuries but is expected to be alright. He is a very lucky man. I don't know if they have caught the culprits. I don't understand this type of violence. I do know that he should have stayed on the main thoroughfare and tried to drive to the police station. Never get out of the car.

I can imangine the horror of this because we almost witnessed a tire iron beating when we were in Vancouver. Thank goodness at the time the fellows who had the tire iron thought better of their plan and left. Maybe all the witnesses scared them off. Maybe that is why the story upset me so much when I read it plus things like that did not used to happen here. I drive down that street all the time. I never thought twice about it. I will now.


Jientje said...

Terrible is'n it?

Cindi said...

I used to live on ave B just a block before it turns dead end! That is really horrible. I'm glad Denley cleared up the story in church. Amazing how the truth is SO different from the story that is actually told!

footsack said...

It is a sick world we live in. A few months ago it happened in Vancouver. A truck with 3 young people were heading to the airport to take a trip to Hawaii and they apparently cut someone off. The guy actually ran them off the road. The three young people got out of their truck and one of the young guys was standing on the side of the road not sure what to do with his truck when the driver turned around and came and ran him over and killed him. What a horrible waste and senseless act.

Momisodes said...

Wow. Things like this always send chills down my spine. When I lived in Florida, my mother's co-workers' son was shot and killed because he honked his horn at another driver. Honest. Just because he honked his horn. I'll never understand how anyone could ever act this way. So sad, and so scary.

Trav said...

wow... ummm... that's 3 blocks away from my house... it's a good thing i make my wife carry pepper spray... especially since i'm back in alberta