Friday, May 09, 2008

Happy Mothers Day

When I was a little girl, I thought my mom was the most beautiful mom. She did not ever think so not even when she looked like this:

That is hard to believe isn't it? Shortly after I was born my mom had to go in the hospital for surgery to remove a tumor on her neck. She had a stroke after the surgery that pretty much took out her entire right side. She had to learn to talk again. Staples were put into her right foot to enable her to walk. She lost all use of her right arm and hand. In spite of all of these obstacles she raised three children, one who was born after me! I can still see her pinning diapers with her mouth. She would place her good hand between the diaper and slip that diaper pin in just as good as anybody could. She has never thought herself as disabled and will not allow anybody to treat her as disabled. She will not suffer pity and will not be patronized. Anybody who tries that might as well go and wake a bear up during its hibernation. That would be easier on them. My mom has not had an easy time during her entire life yet she never complains. While she has never been a touchy feely sort of a person, she has shown her love to me in many different ways over the years. She has gladly sacrificed much for her children and grandchildren. While she may not think she is beautiful, I always have and always will. See...Isn't she beautiful?

By the way...I am about to be cuffed one here. You can see it coming can't you? I'll tell you another don't want to mess with that strong left hand. That is why I am holding on to her because if she got hold of me she could whip my arm around behind my back with lightning speed. Owww! This picture was taken about 15 years ago during a holiday to visit my brother in Ottawa. It is outside the Sky Dome where we had gone hoping to see the Blue Jays play. We didn't get to because of the ball players went on strike.


Eve said...

She is truly beautiful. Two weeks ago I wouldn't have appreciated what she accomplished with only one good hand. Having injured my left hand I have gained a new perspective. What a lot she accomplished. You are truly blessed to have her!!

Margaret said...

She is a beautiful woman, yesterday and today. The determination she has, she has past on to you. Happy Mother's Day, Chris.

Fluffy said...

You are so lucky.

Sue said...

I have always thought your Mom was more beautiful than most Movie stars. SHe is also a very strong woman and has so obviously passed all this on to you. Have a great Mother's Day.

Bientje said...

Dear Chris,
This is a truly beautiful post on a truly beautiful woman!
In the picture when she was young she looks like a moviestar! I love these old pictures!
I read an enjoyed your chicken story too and I immediately thought of Jientje where they cook the chickens on Thursday. A while ago she wanted half a day off very badly and promised to do all the boiled chickens, skin them and cut them up at noon. She did it in a very short time thinking about the half a day off all the time I think! Hehehe
It's a good thing you don't have to do them anymore!
Happy monther's day Christine!

jientje said...

I'm staying with my sister Bientje at the moment, we are sitting next to each other!
She has already said what I was about to say about your mom! What a strong lady she is, and I don't mean just her left arm!
It's amazing what people can endure and go through huh?

Happy Mother's Day to you too!

The Invisible Mo said...

That was a beautiful essay about your mom!
I know what it's like to be one handed. I had to be without my right hand for one week and it about drove me crazy. At that time in my life I wore button front levi jeans and I had no slip-on shoes at all, so I had to have someone help me dress and a kid or my husband help me to go to the bathroom. Lucky for me, I'm ambidextrous and could write with my left for the time.
I applaud your mom for resisting help and learning to do things for herself. She's obviously a strong and self-sufficient woman.
She truly is a beautiful woman.

Sandy C. said...

What a beautiful woman your mother is. She really did look like a starlet! I loved reading more about her. What a special woman your mommy is :)