Thursday, May 08, 2008

Testing The Water

One Beautiful Chicken!

Tuesday was operation Train Chris In The Deli. What do you think you would do working in a deli? Making sandwiches? Yes, I did make four sandwiches. Slicing deli meats for customers. Yes, I did slice meat for about a dozen customers. The rest of the day involved close encounters with dead chickens. You would think that as the author of Chris's Coop that anything to do with chicken would be a good thing. That is usually true but I am sure you have noticed that any chickens featured on my blog still have most of their feathers on. This is what makes chickens appealing. Naked chickens are unappealing in my opinion. The rest of the day was sadly spent prepping and cooking chicken. The worst was battering the chicken, potato wedges and fries. It was Toonie Tuesday. A customer can purchase two pieces of chicken and deep fried potatoes for 2 dollars. Lots of customers want cheep greasy decadent chicken! When I came home I smelled like chicken. The dog kept following me around sniffing, drooling with a happy dog smile.

One Not So Pretty Chicken

After 6 hours of battering and frying chicken non stop all hunched forward, I knew this was not what I wanted to do for the rest of my life especially since the Toonie Tuesday wrecked my back. I went home and reconsidered my latest career choice. Wednesday morning I went to talk to the boss and see if I could get myself fired! Yes! I invited him to fire me. No such luck. I was not sent home. Oh no! Instead the boss D. put me to work stocking shelves and wrapping meat and putting prices on the meat and cleaning the BIG meat cutting saw and cleaning the BIG meat grinder and then stocking some more shelves. All in all Wednesday was better then Tuesday because I did not have to cook anymore chicken. He is keeping to his word and being flexible with the work schedule. I have the May long weekend off even though he would have liked to have me work a couple of shifts. When I told him that I was not available...he still did not fire me. Hahaha!


Sandy C. said...

Oh man. That chicken dance clip is so wrong! :)

I'm so sorry to hear about your new job. Toonie Tuesday does sound rather miserable. If sawing meat is better than prepping chicken, than it MUST be awful. :(

Is it alright if I hope you get fired soon?

Eve said...

You can never get fired when you want to. Maybe, in light of the other job offer, you should just tell the chicken boss that things aren't working out the way you had hoped, offer him notice if he wants it, and quit while you're ahead.

Christine said...

He isn't going to make me cook chicken anymore. He will have me mostly fill in wrapping meat or stocking shelves or working at the till. I liked the other stuff. Cleaning is kind of nyahh but I can deal with it occasionally.

jientje said...

Oh dear!
At the shop where I work, the chickens get cooked on Thursdays.
But I always escape from that, they're not ready till noon, and at noon I'm off ... on my day and a half off! hehehehe!

Becky said...

It's amazing what you can get away with when you really don't care whether you get fired or not. That's what I loved about working at Pizza Hut...

"Becky, you have to actually measure the water you put in the dough."

"Fine. I quit."

Heh heh. That must have been really aggravating for all those managers.

Christine said...

You did a great job and your pizza was better than everybody else's. They were just being arrogant telling you to measure when obviously you were not doing anything wrong. That had to be one the worst managed work places ever. Boss D. seems like a sweetie.

The Invisible Mo said...

So, I just tried to leave you a comment by clicking on "publish your comment" without bothering to write anything. Heh! I got a message saying "Required field must not be blank" haha. now let me comment.
I could NEVER do that job. I can't deal with naked chickens, either, even though my kitchen is covered in chicken pictures, knick-knacks and towels.
I already told my mom she can't die because she is the one who always cuts up my chicken for me if I get it whole, on sale at a good price.
I can't stand touching raw chicken. I have occasionally roasted a whole chicken, but I'm squeamish the whole time I'm preparing it. Strangely, turkey does not affect me the same way. I still try to be done with it as soon as possible, though.
I buy frozen, skinned, boneless stuff myself unless the aforementioned whole ones are on sale. Then my mom cuts it up and I bag it as quickly as I can and freeze it.
Maybe there's a reason the deli clerk position was open, haha! Maybe it's always open because no one stays very long!

Fluffy said...

My son should have that job. All he ever wants to eat is chicken. Maybe he would learn to diversify.

Before I forget again, they were azaleas.