Tuesday, March 04, 2008

You Are Getting Warm

Did you ever play that game as a child? You are getting warm...warmer...hot! ...no now you are cold! Well I played that game today all day at work. I bet you didn't think you went to work to play games. Yes! My day went something like this: "Hey where are the Jackson Pratts?" At this point some one would point me into a general direction then the game would begin. Shortly after that I would yell: "Where did they move the Filshie Clips?" "Where does the Oscalatting Saw go? How about the Hemovacs? Cannulas? Bone Cutters? Where the #@!! did the Lapros cart go? Hey where did everybody go?"

I sure got suckered. My vanity was appealed to. I am an asset I was told. Please, please, please, pretty please come and do data entry today. Surprisingly the computer stuff went fine. I like the way they have set up the new system. It actually makes sense and saves time. I do not know how that was accomplished. I am stunned. The problem was everything in bin has been rearranged due to moving all of ortho over from SPH. Everything! I have to learn the whole set up all over again. My brain is fried. I am going to go to bed now and pray that I do not get called in tomorrow.


Avaelyn said...

I go to work to play games. All the time. A regular day in mine and Jack's work life may involve a few, or even all, of these activities.

- Quoting Family Guy and laughing hysterically.
- Talking in weird voices.
- Calling each other Carmel and Jacinda.
- Playing Barrel of Monkeys with the red peppers, and having races to see who can remove the stickers the fastest.
- Counting to Q (1, -6, *, 492, Sarah McLachlan, hamburger, Q) and porkchop. And also doing complicated nonsense mathematical equations ( x to the power of seventy-chicken = [mongolian hot sauce + quadrangle carrot of Sarah McLachlan - cake] times Jodie Foster's peanut butter toe-knuckles )
- Singing the Mangoes and Crabs songs, and making up new lyrics to other songs (*sung* She was a small-town girl, living in a lonely world, she took the midnight train to *spoken fast* Grandma's house.)
- Quoting some more Family Guy.
- Jack trying to bug me, not succeeding, and then getting slightly upset.
- Just bugging each other.
- Eating food while the cooks are on their break, and using code language to say if they are still on their break, or if they're on their way back. (THE EAGLES HAVE LANDED.)

I don't know why I wrote all that. It seems that no one finds the things that we find funny funny.

Christine said...

avaelyn: I totally understand. After all I am related to Becky and Angela. One of them always seems to have an urgent need for chapstick. If you don't understand this......ask them...on the phone. LOL!

Eve said...

Work is supposed to be challenging, isn't it? Think of this as one more challenge to complete. And don't forget to laugh!

jientje said...

Oh dear, that must be terrible, searching for everything all day, I can imagine you're tired!

Fluffy said...

I tried working after I retired. I found out that I did not do peon well at all. My boss didn't like it when customers came in to ask me embroidery questions. I do miss the 40% discount.

Sandy C. said...

Clearly, you must work in a hospital. Sorry everything was re-arranged. I feel this way whenever hubby decides to put away laundry. you know, once a year.

Avaelyn said...

Ohhhh yes, Auntie Chris. Good point. Haha.

Becky said...

Clearly? Uhhhhh... I had no idea what she was talking about through most of that post, except that she can't find anything.

Uh oh, Sammy's in the toilet. G2R.

The Invisible Mo said...

I'm so glad we have short winters. I love the snow, or so I think, but it's probably because it's rare here.
Thanks for your comments on my post. It is quite a walk, but I really enjoy it as long as I'm not running late!

The Invisible Mo said...

OH....and I used to love to play hide-the-button with my kids. Such a simple game for a lot of fun.