Thursday, March 06, 2008

How Do You Spell Scam?

Wow! I must be the luckiest person on the planet. Not only did I win this last month, I have won it again. Melissa is very lucky as well! She won too! This is incredible because I have no recollection of ever entering this contest! Hmmm...I am wondering how many of you readers have also won this lottery? I would like to know what 3,500,000 GBP is. Fiduciary? What in the world is a fiduciary? Anyway, I do know something! This is how you spell S-C-A-M. I removed the link that they provided. I am way to suspicious to go there.


We are pleased to inform you that you have won 3,500,000 GBP in the UK
National Lottery Draw held on the 1st March 2008.For more information,
please contact claims agent for more information

Mr.Richard Green
Fiduciary claims agent

Mr Norris Warner.
UK National Lottery Promo


Eve said...

I don't win lotteries. I just get offers for penis enhancement. It's all spam. lol

jientje said...

I never win anything, not even spam!
But you're right, don't go there!

Trav said...

Fiduciary - An individual, corporation or association holding assets for another party, often with the legal authority and duty to make decisions regarding financial matters on behalf of the other party.
also... 3500000 GBP = 6,927,744.79 canadian dollars... GBP is great britian pounds...

also... you totally spelled scam properly lol this is directly off the legit website for the uk lotto board...

Sandy C. said...

Oh I hate these. My Spam box gets about 25 of these emails per day!!!! So annoying that people are trying to scam innocent people :(

Eve said...

I have an award for you at my blog. You can pick it up the next time you stop by.

Avaelyn said...

Apparently I could also have about 96 Nintendo Wii's and Ipods, and about the same amount of timeshares in Cancun and Costa Rica. HOW EXCITING!!!

Fluffy said...

Oh, Wow! I won, too. We are so lucky. And if your believe that, there's some land in Nevada that I'd be happy to sell you.