Wednesday, March 19, 2008

The Return Of The Pitiful Wretch

(continued...part four)

After the fun in the park the family returned home to enjoy a nice Easter dinner together. The dinner was special. The family ate in the dining room. It was a rare thing to eat in the dining room. This room was usually reserved for company. The girls mother used her china dishes. Everybody had to sit up straight, keep their elbows off the table and chew with their mouths closed. They used their best manners saying things like "Would you pass the yams please?" and "Thank you very much." After the meal was over it was necessary to say: "May I please be excused?" It was difficult not to wolf the food down. The girl was excited and her brothers were too. They knew that after dinner they would be able to go outside and search for the Easter treats that her father had hid around the yard. The more excited the girl got thinking about this the more she tended to swing her legs under the table. This got her into a little bit of trouble through out the meal. After what seemed to be an eternity I am sure this was not in reality very long as her family usually got down to business and ate with gusto! the children were excused from the table.

The children bolted for the door. One by one they charged through. "Slam! " went the door. "Slam, Slam" The parents were amazed at how fast their children could go when they were motivated. "If only I could somehow harvest that enthusiasm when I asked who was going to help with the dishes" thought the mother as she gently shut the screen door. Her ears were still ringing.

About this time the girl took total leave of her senses. A little thing called greed entered her brain and took control. It was if she no longer existed. She began to collect the hidden eggs as fast as she could. Quickly she filled her basket. This was not enough. No no no! Even though she well understood the rule: Thou shalt not take and place the obviously hidden eggs into your own basket! They are meant for your toddler brother. She decided that she would help her brother by collecting those eggs. Yes! She did not intend to put them into his basket though. In they went into her basket. Of coarse this did not slip by parental eyes! As the girl was rising up after picking up another very obvious and lovely chocolate covered bunny she noticed a shadow looming over her. It was the giant shadow of her disturbed father. "Ahem!" he said in a controlled voice "What are you doing?" His eyes were narrowed so the girl knew that she should be very careful how she answered. As she opened her mouth to speak her father said "I think you are done. Go and sit over there until your brothers are finished." Quietly the girl obeyed. She knew that silence really is golden. She sat on the side lines and watched her brothers have fun. She did have a moment of regret for her behavior as she watched the youngest brother's excitement when he found a treat. Her cheeks flushed with shame and embarrassment.Her little brother really was cute.

After her brothers finished finding and collecting their treats the family headed back into the house. Her mother told the children to place their baskets on the table and dump them out. This was difficult for the girl because she by far had found and collected the lions share of the loot. Her father caught her eye. Sanity returned to the girl. She dumped the basket. Her mother proceeded to fairly redistribute the treats.

As soon as this was finished her mom handed the girl her basket. She quickly ran, basket looped over her arm, to the sanctuary of her room where she proceeded to take a proper inventory. Amoung all the chocolate eggs, bunnies and jelly beans she found a small wrapped package. She opened it and oh, joy of joys, she found this:

She lined her new little friends up on her dresser. She proceeded to name them. She decided to give them all the same name. She didn't want to confuse the chicks or herself. They were called : Peeps, peeps, peeps, peeps and of coarse peeps. "Oh what fun we shall have together. You can even come to school with me!" she trilled.

She introduced the chicks to all her friends. The poor cat was afraid to breath.

When the chicks got tired she tucked them in with their new nanny.
"Good night all you peeps. Happy Easter!"


jientje said...

Happy Easter Christine!!!
You made me smile, I enjoyed this so much, thank you!

John said...

Great story Beazly. Even though I have heard this before I loved reading it.

Margaret said...

What a nice story. Thanks for sharing your childhood with us. Happy Easter!

Eve said...

Thank you for sharing your Easter tale. I love your little Peeps. I'm sure they are much nicer than the candy ones. lol

Becky said...

I love peeps. They're so cute.

Sue said...

THis was great Chris. Almost sad to see it end. maybe you'll have to write another one.

Sue said...

Oh yeah....Happy Easter! Just in case I don't see you.

Christine said...

Hope you all have a great Easter. I won't be posting for a few days as John and I are heading out of town to visit Becky and Glen and the grandkids. We are not sure when we are coming back. Maybe not until

Sandy C. said...

Oh that is the sweetest ending to a wonderful Easter story :) You are such an amazing storyteller! I really enjoyed reading every single chapter. Thanks so much for sharing this.

Happy Easter!

The Invisible Mo said...

Well, that was a great story and I actually found myself waiting to get the next chapter. I love the picture of you in your little blue coat!
Happy Easter. Have a nice trip.

footsack said...

What a great story. I am somewhat behind on checking blogs since mom has come.
I hope you have a wonderful Easter!
God Bless you all!