Tuesday, March 18, 2008

It Ain't Just Chicken Feed

Miss. March

I meant to feature
each months creature
until today, I forgot!

From the Post Office!

I love getting parcels in the mail. It makes my day. Yesterday I received these beauties in the post. They were sent by Fluffy. She made them. They fit perfectly. She put a surprise in the package with the mittens. She sent a sock pattern the she has designed herself and material to make the socks. I have not made socks before. I will now. I have a friend who was hoping that I knew how to make socks. I have the perfect opportunity now to learn how. Thanks Fluffy. I am going to start a project for you very soon. I think it will involve the carving of some cats on bass wood.

I carved these mirror frames. They were the first carvings I did.

Fluffy, I have three items for you to select from. A recipe box or a nesting box or a small picture frame. Let me know which of these you would like. Let me know if you would like something different than cats. Let me know what colors you would like. Earth tones? Pastels?


Sandy C. said...

What a sweet gesture! They are so cute! I like the mirrors :) I love the recipe box and pastels.

Sue said...

Those are sweet mittens. Very warm looking.

Your wood carving is really good Chris.

Becky said...

I'll have whatever she doesn't pick. I would like daisies with a pastel blue background. Hop to it.

Fluffy said...

Good golly! Now your making me crazy, too! I'll have to add you to my list. I do like boxes, but not recipe boxes. I threw mine out years ago and couldn't be happier. I really like the cats you did and I like bright colors. Pastels make me sleepy.

jientje said...

Your woodcarvings are superb, very nice!
Lovely mittens by the way!

Margaret said...

Those mittens could come in handy where you live. I would love your wood carvings. I have a great idea, Chris. You could start now and by next Christmas you could sent each of the women in your family a very nice picture frame with a very nice picture of your family in it. Wouldn't that be a good idea? well, wouldn't it? Huh? :)

The Invisible Mo said...

I didn't know you carved. We have a lot in common. I like your frames. I might have to try something like that. I'm way out of practice. One of my goals this summer is to get a studio in the upstairs of my garage. It's been 18
years since I had a studio. I miss doing my artwork. Sewing can be an artform, too, as can cross stitch, but it's different.
Nice work! and I love the mittens. Fluffy did a nice job.