Saturday, March 01, 2008


I registered to walk/run in the 10K category in the Saskatoon marathon at the urging of a co-worker. Today I decided to see what 10K feels like and to time how long it would take me to do it while putting an my best effort into it.. I went 5 miles in 99.03 minutes only to come upstairs and have my husband tell me that 5 miles is not = to 10k. I shorted myself by a whole mile so I can't tell you how it feels to walk/run the 10K yet. I can tell you it feels very funny when you get off the treadmill after being on it so long. It feels like you are moving very fast when you are only walking at a normal speed. Has anybody else noticed this phenomenon? I think it is because you really are not having true forward motion when you walk on the treadmill. I ran the last 1/8 mile because I want to have a nice running finish to the whole thing. I think that would make much nicer pictures. Don't you think so? There is not a dry piece of hair on my head at the moment. That should make the finish line pictures look impressive as well. You have to look ahead at these important things.

My co-worker, the one who talked me into this, loves walk/running marathons. She has done 3 full marathons and various 1/2 marathons. She says that when she runs she is able to focus and solve the problems in her life or come up with very creative ideas. Well, I thought that was wonderful and that I sure could use some of this focus and was hoping for an epiphany to come my way this morning. Basically all I did come up with were new words to sing along with to The Phantom Of The Opera. They go a little like this: Walk my angel of fitness .... walk! It helps that my name is Christine so this all good and fine. I zoned out once and almost flew off the back of the treadmill. Whew! That was a close one.


Sandy C. said...

Those treadmills can be tricky little devils ;)
Good for you for signing up for the marathon! Sounds like you're doing great. I'm not sure if I could hack 5 miles on a treadmill these days without passing out.

I believe you're right. I don't think you displace your weight the same on a treadmill as you do when running on regular pavement.

jientje said...

I have never walked on a treadmill before. I think it would be on my list of things NOT to do! LOL!
You're very couragious to do this you know!

Margaret said...

I am thinking of getting a treadmill. I would be able to walk even on rainy days.
I'm proud of you, Chris. I wish I could be there at the finish line to take pictures of you running across. Of course I'd have to get someone to hold my piece of pie that Becky would bring me.

Fluffy said...

Try this one:

Avaelyn said...

WOW! That's awesome, Auntie Chris! I'm excited to see the action-packed, fast-moving, sweat-filled picures. Oh yes.

Christine said...

Ummmm...I can't promise fast action, but I can sure promise sweat!