Friday, February 29, 2008

What Am I Getting Myself Into?

It seems like a long time since I have posted anything. It has been only 5 days." Where have I been?" you may ask. I have been working. My replacement has been trained. I figured that now I would now have very little hours at work. I would be able to lay back a bit and get some fancy posting done.

The lack of casual hours is good in some regards but is hard on the pocket book so I have been trying to find some other department that would hire me and give me a few more casual hours. Today as my replacement was doing her solo day, I was trying to stay far enough away yet close enough to be of help if needed. The lady who manages receiving (stores) was lamenting the fact that her casual had hurt herself and now would not be able to fill in during the next two weeks while other staff are finishing off this years holidays. I told her it was too bad that I couldn't come over because I could have a least done the deliveries. I also know the layout of the store room and have some idea as to what is going on due to working in dispatch. She got all excited and asked me if I would consider being a casual in receiving. (stores) Basically, she hired me on the spot. All that is left is for her boss to approve it on Monday. To make a long story short...I may have to go in and work as early as Monday afternoon. I think that she would like me to work for the next two weeks. I will have to check my union papers because I know I am only allowed to work X amount of hours a month. This job requires a fair amount of lifting. I think that I will be O.K. with the lifting. It requires a lot of computer work. That will be a challenge. I do know some of it already. What have I got myself into? I am taking on learning a whole new job. Now thats what I call retirement!

Tomorrow I have to get caught up with the house work. I have laundry, floors, bathrooms and dusting all clamoring for me to pick them first. I think that the laundry will win because I agree with their cries that I will not have anything to wear soon. I would hate to resort to wearing mismatched socks. Ahem...I have been known to do that!

I have to make a decision soon on whether or not to walk/run the 10 K. portion of the Saskatoon marathon. It takes place at the end of May so I would have three months to get myself into shape. It would be a great motivator. I would hate to go there and make a total fool of myself. This thought also keeps me from making a commitment because I could do that even with training. Ummm...a coworker has talked me into this one. She has been after me for a few years to try this. If I register tonight I will save ten dollars. I am not sure if this is a stupid idea.


Margaret said...

I should do a marathon. Maybe then I'd have some motivation to get into shape. Good for you, Chris.

Becky said...

Do it. Not stupid.

jientje said...

I tackled a whole lot of the household chores yesterday, and today I'm off to work too!
Good luck on the new job or should I say, on the on the new departement?

Eve said...

Doesn't sound like retirement to me! Ten miles is a real challenge. With 3 months to prepare, and starting in reasonably good shape (you don't spend all your time sitting - you are used to some exercise) it sounds do-able to me. Have fun training and good luck to you! Think of the benefits to your weight-loss goals.

Fluffy said...

Your mittens are finished! Please send me your address. Use this one:

Toad said...

oh sicky i missed the cut off. totally forgot about it.

you won't make a fool of yourself. i'd say taking almost 6 hours and drinking wine along a full marathon would be closer, then scowling at the finish line would be making a fool of yourself.