Saturday, February 16, 2008

In The Groove

I posted this on Iowa Avenue today. I decided to duplicate it here as well. Iowa Avenue is a blog community for people interested in taking care of their health and encouraging each other along the way. I really enjoy Iowa Avenue and the people there. They are from all over the world. I find it amazing how the computer can make the world seem smaller. I would encourage everybody who is interested in having some company on their quest for healthy living to join the community there.

It is a beautiful sunny day here in Saskatchewan. Blue skies...gentle breeze...above freezing! I took the poor fat dog out for a long walk this morning. We were out for an hour. I had my friend the I-pod along. That helps put a bounce to my step and keeps my forward motion fast. I moved my ticker forward. Yeah! I so feel in the groove today. I think that I will go out and shovel some snow as well. I will add that time to my ticker too. It counts! This is my driveway. I park in the back in the garage so this tends to get neglected.

I think this is funny. I have been looking at these running shoes all winter, right out my front door. We live across from the high school. That explains this picture.

Is it not a beautiful day? Just right for shoveling! All the neighbors are out shoveling. Smiles on their faces. It has been so cold here the last month. This is like heaven. See out in front? Out on the bald prairie? There are roads out there where I like to go and walk.


Eve said...

Love your pictures. The running shoes are a real hoot. Hope it stays warm for a few days.

Toad said...

those shoes drive me nuts. seriously.

IAAdmin said...

Thanks for the plug, Christine. I think Iowa Avenue is a very special place, too, and you're one of the main reasons why.

The running shoes look like their floating on water, and the shoe shoe prints are great.

Aspergertopia said...

It was a beautiful day. Much needed to lift the spirits. Lets hope it continues.