Friday, February 15, 2008

Fridge Friday

I don't want Jeintje to feel all alone on her Friday fridge fest plus I really don't have anything to post and very little time to post anything today. So TaDA! A fridge!

I regret how bad the picture is. I don't know how to turn off my flash! I have been meaning to read the manual...sigh! I have an elephant...chicken gift from my daughter from Portugal...wolves upper left corner. I stole it from the same daughter! Opps now she will come and take it back!...two monster trucks every grandma needs these...a little Mexican lady from Mexico. Her partner was destroyed by the black and white cat in the picture. I enjoy all the pictures on my fridge. There are pictures of my grandkids...pets...friends and my kids. The picture top row center is of Angela finishing up a half marathon in Regina. She ran a full 40K. marathon in Switzerland a few years ago. She did not look quite so perky at the end of that one!

The side of the fridge is covered too. More pictures. The girl in the dress is my sponsored child who lives in Haiti. I have been sponsoring her for seven years now. She is adorable. The star is my prize for loosing 25 pounds on Weight Watchers. Last year I proceeded to regain the whole 25 pounds. I am working on it again. When I loose the 25 pounds I will move the magnet back to the front of the fridge. I have Thomas the Train magnets. I keep them here so that Sammy doesn't chew them up. Sammy is not a dog. He is a boy! A very little boy.

I love my chakins! My fridge loves chakins. My fridge wants more chakin fridge magnets. My fridge also wants more groceries put into it. It told me so!


The Invisible Mo said...

Hi there! Nice pictures of your fridge stuff. Sounds like a fun blog subject. Maybe I'll try that, too. I like the book meme, too.

My list is only partial, but I posted it in hopes it will keep me inspired to actually FINISH at least one room. I have them all started. I have none of them finished. haha.

Thanks for stopping by!

Eve said...

Christine - of course, I won't rat you out to IAAdmin. I'm going looking for some of that mark-down chocolate, too.

I love your fridge. Everything is placed so precisely and nothing overlaps. And I love that you're taking lessons from Jientje and not showing the inside. lol

Sue said...

This was interesting Chris. I've never taken the time to study your fridge. I have noticed your Chakins. Love them.

jientje said...

Looks like I've got disciples already huh? Love it! Oh and yes, our fridges must have met before, they are so much alike!

Fluffy said...

I thought Fridge Friday was about posting pictures of the INSIDE of your fridge. My grandson's other grandmother would loveit. Her house is full of chickens, too.

Christine said...

The outside of my fridge is much more interesting than the inside of my fridge. Believe me!