Thursday, January 24, 2008

Todays News In Review

Too much sanity is madness, but the maddest of all is to see life as it is and not as it should be. With that said here is todays news in review:

Man posed as nurse for two years: From Winnipeg! The man used forged documents to get his nursing position at Seven Oaks Hospital...evaded detection for two years and was only discovered when they did this years check to see if their nurses are registered with the college of nursing. He has not been charged with anything! Questions: What happened to last years check? How did he manage to do his job without somebody catching on? Is it legal to pose as a a at it and collect a wage?

'Pet' girl kicked off bus for wearing a leash: From London. Pet girl and her boyfriend were thrown off the bus and told that "We don't let freaks and dogs like you on!" The girl describes herself as a human pet...wears a leash and a collar...dresses goth...lives on state benefits...acts animal like...doesn't cook or clean and does not go out without her owner/boyfriend. This all makes her very happy. Sounds like a dogs life to me!

Holy healer sought in scam: From Toronto. This guy has bilked more than 40 people out of approximately $1.2 dollars. How did he accomplish this? By ridding people of curses and by persuading people he has the mental powers to cause them to win the lottery. Fee for his service? Oh...anywhere from $2,000 to $160,000! Come on people...grab your socks and pull up your jocks and give your head a shake!

Hospital anxious to fix parking loophole: From Saskatoon. For the last six weeks the parking system at the hospital has been down and they have been busy installing the new system. Quoted from the paper: "Although commissioners have been collecting fees at one exit, some feisty drivers have been sneaking out a second entrance So not true! It is an exit! avoid paying." Way to go! Now all the university's students will know they can get free parking for a whole week yet. They will be coming in droves and fill the whole parking lot. Feisty drivers! I am rolling on the floor and laughing. They also say they have no idea of how much revenue they have lost. Question: Are they stupid?

Phone scam causes frantic moments: From Saskatoon. While Darryl and Tammy were vacationing in Mexico their parents back at home had received a phone call by someone they believed was a Mexican police officer who told them that their loved ones were involved in a fatal car crash and had died. They were told to phone a long distance number starting with *72 for more information. Anyway after calling that number and not getting anything there they proceeded to call all the appropriate consulates and such. End of story? Darryl and Tammy were fine. The scammers will tell you anything to get you to call the *72 number. This way they can bill you with any long distance charges they want to bill you with. Question: How low can you go?

Truth is stranger than fiction!


Trav said...

k... a couple of things i'm curious about... did the dude in toronto actually help anyone win a lottery? if so i want his number... also, DANG IT!!! i didn't know about the second exit!!! i was there today to see my nephew and actually paid to get out... granted i fibbed a bit about how long i'd been there... but that's besides the point... i should go again tomorrow just to sneak out the second exit... i think i might do it *insert evil laugh here*

that is all

Christine said...

Trav: you could go and enter and exit to you hearts content. Also you do not legally have to pay when you go out the main exit because they have not supplied you with a ticket. Jonathan did that! He told the parking attendant "how do I know how long I was here...I forgot to check...I did not receive a ticket" So the guy waved him through.

Christine said...

Oh...congrats on the nephew...he is I am not telling you where the back exit is cause "in the spirit of Kelly" I am going to let you find out this one by yourself.

Eve said...

Truth is said to be stranger than fiction. Funnier, too.

jientje said...

Well, there are some strange characters on the face of this earth, that's true!

jientje said...

I must be one of them, because my brain is red in the morning, and at the end of the day it has become purple! Yep!

Fluffy said...

I left you a comment on my blog. I should have left it here. Got to go. I'll blog later.

DabookLady said...

Congrats Chris you have won the 2nd place in the "Recipe Guessing" contest!! Please send me your email, name and address so I can send out your prize. :)