Wednesday, January 16, 2008

To cold for a walk!

The Wier
The river is very high. Usually you can see a much steeper drop and the water churning. This part of the river does not freeze over in the winter. It was minus 37 C. with the wind chill this morning when I took these pictures. I snapped them as fast as I could go!

The Train Bridge
There is a pedestrian walkway under the rails. I have not walked across but plan to in the summer sometime. The river steams when it so cold out.

City Skyline
View from the parking lot at the hospital. John gets the same view from his hospital room. Saskatoon is known as the city of bridges. This is the South Saskatchewan River.


Christine said...

John figured I could have got better pictures of the weir if I would have walked down there. LOL! It was way too freaking cold! This is the kind of cold that bites you. It literally hurts.

Becky said...

Took the boys to Walmart tonight. This is what Sam said:

"Shammy! Code!"

Trav said...

just so you don't get lost when you go to walk the train bridge, the walkway actually goes right beside the tracks, not underneath, you might find it a little tricky to make a go down there, but if you can do it, i'll give you a loonie ;)

jientje said...

Great pictures Christine! I was wondering what your city looks like, only an hour ago, and now I know! It looks awefully cold!!!!!

Christine said...

Thanks for the heads up Trav! Hahahaha! Couldn't you just see me? They would have had to send out the rescue squad because I would have looked like a jumper. I am sure a stunt like that would get me a nice safe room. I think I am confused because they built a pedestrian walkway under the Circle Drive Bridge? Yes...that is correct because we were thinking that you would maybe get filthy when the roads were slushy or wet. What do you think? Is the Circle Drive pedestrian walkway an engineering marvel are an engineering disaster? Jientje: It was very cold but it has warmed up a bit again. Now it is tolerable. I don't like it when it warms up too much because the roads get so treacherous. I hate white knuckle drives.

Margaret said...

Thanks for the pictures, Chris. I'm glad John has that for a view. So much better than the atrium. I love seeing the river at night. From that side you can see the Knox Church, which looks really nice at night. I haven
t been that cold in 4 years now, but I still remember it.

Eve said...

Beautiful Pictures! Saskatoon does resemble Idaho Falls a bit - but then a blanket of white covering everything tends to hide any differences. We're going out in a few minutes for another walk through the icy green belt along the river. It is snowing presently and our high temp is predicted at 17F (about -22C). We're taking some bread so we can feed the ducks and geese today.

I read your Honey Buns post. I laughed so hard. When you said you dumped the dough in the honey pot I knew exactly what would happen to it. I expected that John would find it climbing over the top of the seat and running onto the floor - not that he would get stuck to it. Too, too funny!!

Fluffy said...

Too cold for a walk is right! I think I would have to hibernate if I lived there. We had rain, then snow and back to rain today and I have no intention of going anywhere.

Sue said...

I am surprise your camera didn't freeeze up. Nice pics of our city though.