Sunday, January 27, 2008

Begins With The Letter C.

1. Famous Singer: Celine Dion- I love the prayer song that she does with Andre Botticelli. I really love Andre Botticelli and this was a way to get his name in here with out cheating.

2. Four Letter Word: Cute- I say that a lot. My grandkids excel at cute.

3. Street: Caramello- Located in Colorado Springs...I lived here as a young girl. There was a golf course across the street. We would collect golf balls that made their way over the fence and sell them back to the golfers after my dad got first pick at them. He did pay for his then he would help us price ours. We would set up a drink stand outside the fence of the fifth hole sell the thirsty golfers lemonade and their golf balls back.

4. Colour: Cherise- I think this is French for red.

5. Gifts/Present: Cow kettle- given to me by my sweet heart. He thought I was loving barn yard decor for my kitchen when all the chickens started to show up. While I like the cow kettle I would really, really love a chicken kettle. This one is rusting on the spigot so I shall sit him down and have him check out E-Bay and see if there is such a thing. Yes...rust away cow kettle!

6. Vehicle: Celica-I remember when my brother bought one brand new and it had a CD player in it. I had not even heard of a CD player before let alone seen one in a car! Can you imagine? His car cost 20,000 dollars. My house had cost only 47,000 dollars! I was flabbergasted!

7. Things in Souvenir Shop: Curios- Ha! What else would you get in a souvenir shop?

8. Boy Name: Caleb-Hebrew name that means dog. I kid you not! I looked it up!

9. Girl Name: Candy- I knew a girl called this. I always thought this was a strange name. I hope I have not offended any readers who may happen to have this name. I also know a girl who changed her perfectly good name to Star. I also knew a horse with this name. I hope I have not offended any readers who happen to have the name Star.

10. Movie title: Catch Me If You Can- a true story. I was reminded of this movie when I read the newspaper article about the man who got away posing as a nurse for two years in Winnipeg. I enjoyed this movie.

11. Drink: Cappuccino-yum! Even better Mocha Cappuccino!

12. OCCUPATION: Cosmologist- I actually trained for this and had my license. School was a hoot. I went in with long hair and came out with very, very short permed and colored hair. I worked hairdressing for about a grand total of three months. I found that I got paid more working at the hospital and got to take my coffee breaks. I did save money by cutting my children's hair.

13. Celebrity: Connick, Harry Jr.- croon to me Harry...sigh

14. Magazine: chickaDEE- I was hoping to find a magazine titled Chickens Today or maybe even Chickens Rule but this is a close as I could get. I do remember having this magazine when I was little. I also found one called Cheeps.

15. City: Cornhill on Tweed- Wouldn't you love to go and see what is there?

16. Sports: Cricket- I have never participated in this sport but I have seen it played sort of. My son played it for a little while. I don't understand it at all.

17. Fruit: Cantalope- I used to love this but alas this is one of the food items that have become repugnant to me due to the viral damage I sustained to my olfactory nerves.

18. Reason for Being Late to work: cat kept me up half the night with it incessant prowling and howling so I slept in.

19. Something that you throw away: Crap or clutter. Same difference. Now I know it this is all a matter of opinion. It is very subjective. I have learned that what I call crap, somebody close to me calls treasure. That is why I urged my husband to build a garage. I have now reclaimed my laundry room.


This was harder than I thought. Now I will pass this along. Susan, Melissa and are it! Angela...I would love to see what you would do with this. Fluffy, Eve and Jeintje...Tag! Anybody else who wants to take on this challenge...go for it! I think the Crazy Eight tag would have been easier! Becky, I will leave you alone. You are still working on the last tag plus I am hoping you will post a music video of your music. Everybody else will want that too so I don't want to be blamed for holding that up.


jientje said...

Yes, well, I 've got one for that last word ... Something you shout?
Oh dear!!!
I'm still trying to hickup the one Andie tagged me with, and I just can't seem to put it together to my satisfaction, and here I am ... tagged again!!!
Okay, I'll give it a go, but if I post a You Tube video tomorrow, you'll know I'm still struggling!
Jezus!!! You find them hard yourself and you tag ME with one??

Eve said...

Yeah, what she said! (Jientje) Thanks for the tag. I was wondering what to post today. I guess it will be this.

Sandy C. said...

Thanks so much for playing....a different meme ;) haha! This was great though...I had no idea Caleb meant that! That's so crazy....I think it's a fairly popular name too.

Christine said...

Yes...I found it hard so I tagged you guys. Jientje: you have one down anyway. Ha! I am evil. LOL!

Becky said...

Which song do you think I should post?

Becky said...

Also... I did this one once on an email from Aunty Margaret I think...

Christine said...

I like the song you wrote the best but that one will just make me cry and you haven't gotten a copy write for it have you? You pick one...I love them all. Dad liked song one...or was it song two? Phone him.

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