Saturday, January 12, 2008

Fridge Friday....Umm...Saturday!

After reviewing a few of my fellow bloggers fridges yesterday, I was motivated to take stock of my fridge. I know, we have all risen to new levels of exciting and riveting writing! Anyway...I have decided to clean out a shelf a day paying careful attention to expiration dates. I shall throw out anything of dubious character. Anything! Normally I take this chore on fairly regularly because my husband will eat anything. Anything! He thinks: " because it is in the fridge, it is fine and I haven't died yet." Like many other men, he has no concept of food safety. We argue about this activity of his on a regular basis. He keeps Cheeze Whiz in the cupboard instead of the fridge because he does not like the consistency of of the spread when refrigerated. Showing him the label: "keep refrigerated after opening" passes by all of his brain cells. Any-hoo...I shall endeavor to have this accomplished before he comes home from the hospital. This should spare me his various attempts to convince me that I am not a sane person. He will be placed on a low microbial diet in the hospital after the the stem cell transplant and I think has to continue on it for a while after he comes home. first.

Dear John: You are not reading are dreaming...repeat after me...It is just a bad dream! Cheeze Whiz goes in the fridge! Do not eat two week old chicken! Pickles can go bad if left in the cupboard...the vinegar will not save them forever. Oh...I love you.

I am tagging this post as random chickens because I did mention chicken. I think that should count.


Eve said...

Random chicken is a good tag - because you're chicken to show us your fridge. Talk is "cheep!" Come on, show us the goods. lol

Sandy C. said...

ROFL!!!!!Oh my goodness,...I'm laughing so hard at Eve's comment...I can barely contain myself. I have to second her "cheep"!

Christine said...

You guys are so punny! LOL!