Saturday, December 03, 2011

Windows? Don't you mean Microsoft?

Phone rings: "Ring Ring Ring"

I check the call display. Long distance. A 981 number. I answer: "Hello"

981-234-5679 responds: "Hello Mam. This is James. We are calling about the trouble you are having with windows."

I wonder who else is there with James. I scratch my head and answer: "My windows are just fine. They kind of like to frost up in the winter but I got some plastic from Canadian Tire to blow dry on them and that should fix the problem."

981 responds: "No Mam, I am reffering to your computer. Up until now there has been no problem with your computer but we have just detected that you are having issues with your windows now."

Me: "My computer is behaving just fine."

981: "The problems are running behind the scene so it is undetectable."

Me: "I have trouble believing that the Windows people have my phone number and are concerned enough about this to be phoning me at home or maybe I am at work. Tell me, do you know where I am? Do you know my name? I think you are a scammer. You have a foreign accent. I think that most scammers do."

981: "No Mam, I can assure you that I am not a scammer and that Windows takes this problem very seriously. You can phone the police and check if you want "

Me: "To you James I say: Bull Poop!"



Becky said...

lol. I got this call. I've had it more than once. This week when they called I knew who/what it was right away and listened for a bit for fun. Then I said this, "Well, since I know this is a scam I think what you should do is call the next person on your list maybe, and hope they're a lot stupider than I am."


I am a propro at blowing off scammers.

Carrie said...

And it is for this reason I am glad I don't have a landline. I have not gotten this call. Oh man.