Sunday, August 07, 2011

In Hindsight I Would Have...

It is funny how things come back to you that you forgot about or had not thought about in a long long time. Taking care of the rug rats solo can bring it all back.

Just a simple thing like going to the cafe for fries and ice cream can turn into an epic undertaking not for the feint of heart. I had forgot that a person should wait until all elements were totally favorable before embarking anywhere as long as small children were going to be tagging along. One little thing like heat can simply put things out of control and over the top when another little thing does not go according to the plan, like the cafe closing early and the fries and the ice cream promised are not forth coming to the little people.

After intensive interrogation that went like this:

" Do you want fries?"

" younanna hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhodibo ICE CREAM"

"O.K. You want ice cream but do you want fries too?"

"mumbble ishehh ummm mumbble Ice cream"

This went on for quite some time until I had come to the conclusion that perhaps if we skipped the fries it would not cause a total melt down later when we arrived back home without them. During this whole intelligent dialogue I was sweating profusely under the intense heat of the scorching sun. The sweat was running into my eyes, stinging and burning and I could not wipe it away because I had a three year old perched precariously on the handlebars of the stroller that I had in a death grip, holding onto to for dear life in order that it does not become unbalanced and heaven forbid, cause a huge wreck injuring either the toddler or the baby.

I decided to slog our way to the store. Noah decided to drive his bike off the sidewalk and into a mud puddle. More trauma. The store was closing. The lady was at the door and had the keys in her hand. She let us get the ice cream. Miracle of miracles. No ice cream would not have been good, not after I had promised! I begged for Kleenex but not for the crying 6 year old but for the handle on the handle bar of the 6 year old's bike. The tears were on account of the mud not due to injury. I figured the tears would air dry as soon as the mud was gone. Hurry up cream is going to melt...the grandma has now over heating well and beyond any of her heat enduring abilities!

Whew! Back home but is the ordeal over? No! At this point I had one child jumping up and down wanting the Popsicle opened: "Now grandma, open please now grandma, grandma grandma" while the other one was opening two Fudgecles (I don't know how in the world to spell that and I don't care) cause he thought they both were for him and one hanging onto my legs crying his heart out cause he woke up so hungry he was like a bear just coming out of hibernation. He was happy the whole while he was in the stroller but upon being removed from there, he had suddenly entered a state of total desperation requiring FOOD NOW!.


The Invisible Mo said...

hahaha....Yes....planning is everything when it comes to a day or even an hour out with small ones. I can't believe you even wanted to walk out in that heat. Makes me wilt to even think about it.

My captcha was a real word. How weird is that?


Lucy said...

Oh,my gosh I was sweating right with you while reading this!

P.S. I told my husband about your friend's ordeal with their tenant and even though we never want to go through again we are thanking are lucky stars that it wasn't worse. They did take care of our home.