Friday, November 12, 2010

Having It Bad

Mateepr says hi. He wants you to know that he is miffed at how he is being ignored. None of his ideas are getting used. He said that if he is not treated better soon he may run away from home. He thinks that Ben, Sam or Noah would be glad to take him in.

He says that he would have it much better there. They don't have dogs so he won't have to smell their gas anymore or live in fear of getting chewed up and spat out or getting chewed up and having to go through Frankie's digestive tract or worse yet, getting chewed up and ate by Roscoe and ran through his digestive tract then picked up by Frankie after being expelled by Roscoe and then ran again through another set of intestines.


Becky said...

Gross Mom. LOL.

The Invisible Mo said...

LOL...he can come live with me.


Sue said...

What exactly is he?