Saturday, May 01, 2010

Eeyore Writes A Blog

I got to spring my mom from the hospital yesterday. She has been able to go back to her private care home. It was a lot of work, more than I thought it would be. I have to go today as the doctor is coming and there is a lot to go over with him. She has an assessment with rehab of Thursday that I will be taking her to as the wheelchair cab costs to much for her to be riding that. I had tried her to sign up for Access Bus before and she had refused. Access Bus is an affordable wheel chair taxi. I am going to try again today to get this done as it is going to be very hard for me to bring her to each and every appointment. She has problems seeing the impact that her actions have on others. I learned yesterday that she had been having more temper tantrums. She threw her food tray at a nurse. I hope to goodness that she will be nicer to her caregivers at the home she is in. I am so afraid that I will get a call saying that she is impossible to care for and to please find a different placement for her. The thought of that makes me feel physically sick. She is driving me nuts again. I am not dealing with a totally sane person anymore. Sane people do not throw things and decide that it is OK to change things up and wear diapers cause everybody is doing it.

My daughter was supposed to come to town on Tuesday as we had concert tickets to see Simon And Garfunkel. They have canceled the tour until July as Garfunkel is having voice problems. I was so looking forward to seeing the grandkids and that concert. Arghh! I am in a grumpy mood and feeling depressed. It is raining and is not going to stop for a few days. I can't even go and try to improve my mood doing yard work.

The dogs are killing the grass in the back yard. It is turning into a mud hole and the ants are back. I think they are killing the grass too.

The sewing machine is acting funny.

The motor home is leaking in a different place than the one I fixed last week. I am going to go and check it in a minute and see if the duct tape fixed it for now until it can all dry out and I can redo the silicon. Arghh! I wrecked one of the nice new cushions that I sewed. It got all water stained. Blahh!

The virus protection subscription is running out on the laptop and I don't have a clue how to install a new one.

You would have thought that over the last three years, I would have learned not to sweat the small stuff. It seems that is what I tend to focus on. I think it is all a diversion. It keeps my mind off the big stuff. Sometimes, I feel so helpless. I know I am not.

I hope this sad post did not depress you all. After writing it all down, I am feeling a little better. I am laughing about it all. Really, what else can a person do for pity sake. Sometimes all you can do is stand in the rain and laugh just don't let the guys in the white coats see you. On the other hand, I could use a holiday. I am very tempted to jump on a plane and go somewhere. I would take the motor home but it leaks. Hahahaha!

Just so I don't leave you totally bummed out here is a humorous conversation between my five year old grandson and his four year old brother that my daughter overheard but first you need a little background info. The boys have both decided that they needed a name change and for a couple of weeks now they are to be referred as Luke and Hans from Star Wars. Sam had finished his banana and was told to go and put it in the trash....

Ben: Hans, Put the peel right dare on da floor. I will step on it and see if it is slippery.

Sam: O.K. Luke I will do dat. Right here is dat good? Step on it.

Mom: No Sam, put that peel in the garbage!! Now! Please.

Ben: His name is Hans.

I miss them.


The Invisible Mo said...

This was a great post. Don't think I'm crazy but everything about this post amused me and the more I read, the funnier it got. You should have entitled it, "Eeyore writes a blog." It reminded me of that saying, "When it rains, it pours." It really wasn't depressing at all. It's just all the real stuff of life that tries to bring us down and give us grief. Why do things always have to be so hard? But the good thing is that you wrote it all down and got it off your chest!
I'm so sorry about your mom. I know that must all be difficult and trying on you. You're probably grumpy because there is a lot going on right now and most of it is annoying stuff.
Are the dogs killing the grass in the backyard because of pottying? The ants are probably back because the dogs are killing the grass.
I forgot about calling you, but let's try for this week and maybe I can troubleshoot your sewing machine from the phone. Do you have a webcam?
It's probably a good thing that you found out the motorhome leaks before you took an actual trip in it, but it's too bad it leaked on your new cushions. Some people cover theirs with tarps over the winter months and in icky weather.
Installing any program on your computer is not that hard. I can help you learn that. Before you try and buy one, find out if your ISP provider provides one for you. For instance, Comcast provides us with Norton. I can walk you through that process on the phone, for sure.
If you decide to jump on a plane, then come here. Or bring the motor home and I'll help you figure out all the leaks! It rains here all the time and I can teach you how to do things(like yardwork) in the rain. If we didn't do things because it was raining here, nothing would ever get done! haha. Not that I've been a mountain of energy accomplishing a lot lately. I've been so lazy and unmotivated that I'm driving myself crazy.
I hope things go better with your mom. I'll talk to you soon!

Christine said...

I am going to change the title right now. Now lets see:

The grass was already bad. It has had ants for years and other than using toxins on it I don't know how to get rid of them. Because that grass is pretty sparse and it is raining so much the dogs are tearing it up. It would help if I would keep them off it but I like the peace and quiet of when I make them be outside for the better part of the day.

The sewing machine is now working fine. It was like pushing the accelerator on a car when it was running out of gas. I checked all the cords and that did not help. I turned it off and when I turned it back on it was working alright again.

Our ISP does not provide. I will just go down to the store and buy one like we have every year. I want to look for a new computer anyway as I am missing my PC which has now totally conked out. When you turn it on nothing happens. It won't even load windows.

I seriously was thinking of coming out there but right now I can't go anywhere. I have to be here to make sure that mom can make her appointments at rehab. I was thinking of taking the motor home to Becky's but can't do that either.

So seriously, do people in your area go out and garden in the mud? I wanted to go out and work on the stump removal as I thought it would help with my pent up frustration and and feelings of aggression (anger management)Nothing better than stump removal for treatment of that. It does not take long and all that anger is directed at the stump that refuses to budge and inch.

The Invisible Mo said...

Well, I used toxins because they were getting in my big trees and I seriously did not want any of them coming down in a windstorm. They do have those ant traps. They still have toxins, but it is all inside the trap. I haven't actually read to see how they really work because I bought the spray.
One thing to always check in your sewing machine is the bobbin case. Not the part where you wind the thread, but the actual space where you put it.(I used to repair sewing machines, but I can't remember what that is called. Maybe it's called the shuttle.) Sometimes little bits of threads get stuck in there and that will make it feel like your "acceleration" is sluggish. I use canned air to blow that area out now and then.
Sounds like your desktop might have a virus, although there are a few other reasons that it could be doing what it's doing. I can't tell from here, though, and if it's older than a few years, it is probably not a bad idea to get a new one. Computer technology being what it is, most computers become obsolete about five minutes after we get them home. haha.
People in my area do all kinds of things in the rain that people in "normal" weather patterns don't. We have rain, showers, sprinkles, downpours, partly sunny, partly rainy and cloudy. For instance the other day when I got up it was bright and sunny but by the time I went in and got dressed it was pouring. Then when I resigned myself to doing things indoors and got started it got sunny again, then it got gray, then it rained a fine mist, then it got sunny, and so on and so forth. I cannot actually dig in the garden itself right now, because I live in a wetland and when it rains my dirt is too wet. People here tend to take advantage of the sunbreaks in a rainy day and get out there and mow, even though the grass might be soaking wet. I have been known to go out and trim trees, clean up debris, and weed in the rain. I don't do as much out in the rain, now, because my allergy to the cold seems to be worse these days and I break out in hives. I can't actually do much digging in the actual flower beds when it's raining because that will clump the dirt and it's very wet here because I live in a wetland area, but I can dig those areas that I'm replacing with gravel. I just come in when I feel the hives starting. Stump removal could actually be fun in the rain, if you can stand being wet. I would get a pick-axe and just beat the heck out of it! If you decide you can come out by some miracle, just let me know.

The captcha is "stimuna", which reminds me of stamina, which is something I could use! LOL.

Avaelyn said...

I didn't find this post depressing at all, and I'm glad that by the end of it you also weren't feeling too depressed. I actually LOL'd when you said that your virus software on your computer was running out and you didn't know how to fix it.