Monday, March 22, 2010

Who Is In Control

Frankie the wonder dog has evolved and has begun to think that not only is she a dog but maybe that she is part mountain goat somewhere down along in her genetic chain. Not only can she dig she can jump. Here she is on top of the cat condo. She has learned how to jump on my bed and loves to terrorizes the blankets and pillows any chance she can get.

Here she is trying to go higher. The only thing stopping her is that she can't seem to cram her way through all the junk.

It would be nice if the wonder dog could figure out the rules of toileting. Rule 1. The rug by the back door does not qualify as being outdoors. Rule 2. When outdoors and on a leash it is alright to pee especially if you are being begged and pleaded with to go by the nice bush. Don't worry about that not being good manners and hold it until you are inside your hosts house. Instead worry about letting go inside your hosts house. Sorry Jonathan and Melissa. Somehow she is just not getting it. You can all see why she is crated when I am not watching her. Please explain it to her as I just can't seem to get her to understand.


Jientje said...

She's a handful, isn't she?

Lucy said...

Frankie is in control and I am thinking she just tilts her cute little head and that works (LOL)

Arlene said...

We have a chi/min pin mix, and we always tease him that he's part cat, cause his favorite place is on the back of the couch and chairs, looking out the windows :-)
BTW, kudos to you for crate training! I think it's the best thing you can do for a puppy! It keeps them out of trouble, saves your rugs, and keeps them from getting into anything that's potentially dangerous!

The Invisible Mo said...

Love crate training! I haven't had puppies for a long time, but it was the best thing I ever did when I did have them. So easy and so few accidents! Frankie will get it yet. She's still young!