Thursday, February 18, 2010


Grandma needs a nap. Grandma had fun today but is all worn out. We went skating at the Bessbourough park. Grandma thought it would be a good idea to take advantage of the free skates that they offer only problem is that the skates are either hockey skates or figure skates. This lady knew that the toe picks would probably result in a trip to the hospital so she took the hockey skates. What was I thinking? I never could skate in those things either! Benjamin out did his grandma even though it was only his second time on skates. I was trying to encourage him and I had told him that it just takes practice. He told me: "You could use some practice grandma. Definitely!" Hilarious! It was not a maybe I could use some practice but definite. I have bolded this for emphasis. (I know this is not a verb but I need it to be one so it is O.K.) He was very emphatic. Definitely! Of coarse it did not help that his mother had to come and rescue me from the low bench I had been resting on and was having trouble getting back on my feet at the point I had to let go of the bench. I am so thankful that there are no pictures of this embarrassing moment. The whole time Ben was rolling his eyes. He was expecting me to be helping him. It was a good thing that his Uncle Mike came to skate as well. Ben was impressed with him.

I do miss skating. I am going to try to score a pair of speed skates. They are the only thing I can skate with and I would like to do more of it especially now that the grand kids are starting to skate. I also have a need to show Ben that grandma really can skate. Definitely!