Sunday, November 01, 2009

To Do or not To Do

Well, that is the question. I guess I need to decide by the end of the day. NaBloPoMo or no NaBloPoMo. On the one would be good for the daily discipline of making myself do something every day, something normal and mundane, that is if you can call blogging every day normal. On the other hand I am not really sure if I can manage it. I do have some ideas. Hmmmm....I was thinking that seeing as how I would love to get some of my old photos scanned into the computor, I could start a life photo journal. Yes..I would take you all back right to the beginning. Spellbinding, thrilling, intriguing! Three words for what this journal probably promises not to be! But hey! Meh..... you know, "meh" is a word? I did not know that and found out from a blog friend. So meh....whatever....may not be good for you but may be a good thing for moi and really, I am not afraid of being laughed at although family beware, you are going to end up there at some point of time so be nice. Be really really nice. Real nice. Yes....


Melissa said...

Actually, you have until the end of tomorrow to decide. Because this post will count as day 1.

I think I'll do it. I've got nothing else on the docket for November.

Christine said...

Thanks for helping me procrastinate. Glad that you are joining me.

The Invisible Mo said...'ve made up my mind. Going to go do my first post right now.
oh...wait. I have to rejoin. haha.
ok...going to go sign up and do my first post. See you in bloggyland.

Bientje said...

I think that is a very good idea!
Big hug,

Avaelyn said...

I think you should. :D

All this NaBloPoMo talk kind of makes me want to do it. I posted once today. Now I have til tomorrow to decide as well. We'll see. I've never done it, so I'll be a n00b.

And just because. I love you!! *hugs*

Lucy said...

I hope you are doing it!! I will look for a post today!

.melanie. said...

I love it. Everyone should do this. I can't tell you how happy it would make me.
I miss everyone, and I'm at home a LOT. A lot a lot.

diana said...

yay! i'm taking it that you've decided to participate. me too! i believe it was through nablopomo that we met. i think it's a fun way to meet new people and read new blogs.

good luck!