Thursday, November 12, 2009


NaBloPoMo = the month of posts about not having anything to post about or a month of haphazard stuff. I probably do have things to write about but am having trouble to sit and focus and do a good job. My brain is such a jumble. Random thoughts flitter about.

I have been enjoying all the wonderful thoughts and memories that family is leaving on The John Braun page. They do make me cry but it is a healing thing. I am so glad that Becky came up with the idea. I hope the memories keep on coming.

The bank phoned today. The mortgage insurance has come through so I now own the house. John and I worked so hard together for this day. We planned to have a big celebration, go out for supper then come home and make a big bonfire and burn the papers that is if we had any to burn. If not we would have made something to burn just because it seems appropriate to burn something.

Shyla the cat had her surgery today. She had the lump successfully removed plus two teeth had to go. One of those teeth were broken. Her mouth could not have been feeling very well at all. I won't know until next week what the deal with the lump is about. I hope it was nothing.

I am going in to work tomorrow for a shift. I really don't feel like it. I will go anyway cause I said I would. I really don't feel like it. I don't have a clue as to why I said that I would go in.

I can't open my bag of Rice Thins. Where are the scissors?

Libby cat tried to beat the puppy up. She stalks her, acts all curious and innocent. Slowly Libby moved her nose toward Frankie and slowly Frankie moved her nose toward Libby then: hissst BAM BAM BAM Thumpa thump!!!! Poor puppy. She never saw it coming.

I bought my grand daughters Christmas presents on line. I love this. I am wondering if I can do the rest of my Christmas shopping that way. Think of all the germs that I could avoid! Anyway...KangarooBoo I love you. That rhymes!


Lucy said...

The memories are hard at times I am sure and yet comforting.

I bet you can get all your shopping completed but you know you want to go out and enjoy all that fun in the stores, you know that special Holiday shopping feel!

You probably will be glad you went to work once it is over!

footsack said...

I am also loving the memories that are being posted and I'm so glad the 'page' is still there. I go there all the time and somehow it helps.
I hope everything goes well at work. I can't imagine it's an easy thing. ((HUGS))

Margaret said...

Mom and I had a good laugh at Frankie's expense. I believe you that you don't want to go to work. I can't believe they actually called you so soon after losing John. I too love the John Braun Page.

Sue said...

I called you for coffee and Mike told me that you went to work. I hope that was Ok for you.
If your free tomorrow we could go for Breakfast. You can call me or leave me a message on Facebook.

Avaelyn said...

I also can't believe they called you to work! I hope that it went okay. I liked the Rice Thins part. And I went to that KangarooBoo website, and it's so cute! I mostly just checked out the soft play food (BECKY HAVE YOU SEEN THIS?!). I want them all.

diana said...

i was wondering how the cat and puppy were getting along.

congratulations on owning the house. i know it must be bittersweet, but it must be a great feeling to own the house.