Thursday, November 19, 2009

I Should Knit and Other Random Stuff

The socks that I got into the mail has inspired me to get my knitting out and finish the dress that I started for Hannah. Becky has found a jumpsuit pattern. From that I think I can recreate the jumpsuit that I had mad for Angela when she was little. Family members will remember it. It was the one with the flower pot pocket on the knee and a poinsettia growing out of it. I can do different flowers and use different colors. I am jazzed to start on that but I need to finish the little dress first. I am going to get right on that. I hope I can remember where I left off. I have been altering the pattern.

I hope Frankie cooperates with the knitting plan. She is napping now. I hope she does not do like last night and wake up to play around 11:00pm. She is doing pretty good and seems to be settling down somewhat. She did pee on my office floor today. I thought I would let her play in my office while I watched. She is so fast. I guess she still thinks that this room is her bathroom. I will get some of those enzymes and try that. She has not been using the rest of the house in this manner. She has be a good girl for the most part.

When Becky gets here I will see if we by this I mean she can get some video of her and Roscoe playing. It is so funny especially when she rolls when he rolls and when she wrestles with him. This video will possibly be cuter than the piano playing cat. caught me with my tongue in my cheek.

I took Shyla cat in to get her stitches removed. The good news is that she does not have cancer. I am so relieved. We do have to watch the site of the growth to make sure it does not come back. She was a good girl at the vet. She did not even flinch when the stitches came out. She is also getting better at taking her medicine. I gave it to her all by myself tonight and did not even wrap her in a towel. I just pried her mouth open and shot it in.

Am I boring you to tears yet? I am just about boring myself to tears so I guess I should quit while I am ahead.

Oh, Becky should be here tomorrow so I can take all kinds of pictures of my grandkids and have some different things to post about! Thank goodness!


Margaret said...

YAY for pictures! Chris, I would read everything you post. I love reading everything people write, no matter how "everyday" the topics are.

Bientje said...

Hey Christine!
Shall I tell you about my day? Mine was more boring than yours is to us! I have always loved the way you write, why would that be different today?
Big hug,

The Invisible Mo said...

You're never boring! Looking forward to the videos of Frankie and Roscoe. Sounds fun!

Avaelyn said...

One of these days, I'd also like to get into knitting. Kind of. I think mostly I just like the results of knitting, and I'm not sure I'd actually do it. Oh well. I think you should post about all the things you knit! :D

I'd like to see some pictures and video of Roscoe and Becky. So so much. LOL

And I'm glad the kitty is doing okay!

footsack said...

I also love reading everyone's blogs. Even the every day stuff although I do love pictures and videos too! I'm sure you will have a wonderful weekend.

Momisodes said...

I would LOVE to learn how to knit.
I tried once through a short knitting book, and I couldn't produce a thing. So for now, I stick to crochet. But I would still love to learn knitting one day.