Saturday, November 21, 2009

Great Minds

Sammy loves to hide in my room. If he is missing that is the first place that I check. Usually I will find him either hiding in my closet or weighing himself. He loves the remote for my ceiling fan. The light will be on and the fan will be going full throttle.

Sometimes I will find one of his treasures left behind.

I bought this retro Barbie car last summer at a garage sale. I could visualize Abby and Hannah having so much fun with this. In my imagination I could see their beautiful Barbies all dressed to the nines and finely accessorized driving off on some lovely shopping venture

I was not quite prepared for this, Optimus prime riding shot gun barking orders to his cohort, off to save the world from some evil whatever. Gosh, I hope they don't use the car phone. It will confuse them to no end when Barbie answers and invites them shopping or for lunch. I am so afraid that the temptation will be too much and the rest of us will suffer some horrible dastardly deeds because of their poor judgment.

The boys and Frankie are becoming fast friends. Sammy makes sure that she is entertained at all times. It seems to work. I think in dog years that Frankie and Sam are the same age. They think alike obviously.


The Invisible Mo said...

That was pretty funny!~

Avaelyn said...

I just loved this post! I lol'd for reals.

At least Optimus Prime had the forethought to put on their seat belts.

Lucy said...

That was great!!! I just love kids and their minds!!!