Thursday, November 26, 2009

Frank And Beans

Not too sure of each other yet, claw covers and all. Poor Frankie looks terrified. She gives Libby Beans lots of room. Ni ether would cooperate and pose nice for the picture.

Frank is having a great time on our mini holiday. She has received lots of presents. The boys love to give her things. She even got a Christmas outfit. She will look very special visiting at the care home in it. I think she is missing Roscoe though. She loves to play with him the most.

How many more sleeps until November is over? This is getting harder everyday.


Margaret said...

They are so cute, but poor Frankie looks so scared.

Avaelyn said...

This picture looks like it was captured a few moments before the kitty swatted poor Frankie. By the way, I LOVE the title of this post! :D

footsack said...

That puppy does look a bit scared..of course that cat looks quite menacing so I can see why Frankie looks the way she does..but she is just such a cute puppy!!

Lucy said...

Frankie knows who the boss is and it definitely is not Frankie in this twosome. No wonder he misses Roscoe. Roscoe lets Frankie Rule!!