Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Everybody Is Doing It

This is one of my favorite Youtube videos. I want a piano and but only if the cat comes with. This was all I was going to post today but I remembered that I had promised a picture of Libby bean's new nails and then I remembered that somebody had requested more puppy pictures. Hope you all enjoy.

Now the battle will be even.

Let's see how long you get to stay out this time. Frankie is a feisty dog. She usually ends up back in her crate rather quickly for a time out after thinking that my hands are a chew toy.

Does she look like she has grown. She looks bigger to us.

These two are becoming good friends. Roscoe is teaching her how to be a dog. She mimics him. If he rolls, she rolls. He disciplines her. If she get too overbearing and pesky he puts her down. He is such a good dog. He does steel her sticks though. It makes me laugh. If she manages to come out of the shrubs with a really nice find, he walks up to her, bends down and ever so gently takes the stick. He then proceeds to chew said stick into tiny bits which is what he loves to do on his list of loves. It is right next to retrieving sticks out of the water. Frankie can do nothing about her stick even though she tries real hard. He just stands there stoically while she jumps all over him and chews away.

She is a mischievous little thing. She gets into anything and has a temper when you thwart her. We have been having an ongoing battle over the bark mulch around the Maple tree in the backyard. This battle always has me winning but she is so persistent and stubborn. I remembered that I had a spray deterrent that I had bought when Roscoe was a pup and had decided to chew a hole in a mattress. I sprayed the bark. You should have seen her. She was so confused. I was out in the back laughing my head off. Ahhhhh Little girl, you don't know what you are up against. Anyway, it was nice because it was one less fight.


The Invisible Mo said...

You can have my extra piano, but it's a you-haul deal. You'll need a good truck and a few good hands to load it. It's a Vose and Sons from Boston. Nice little spinet. You will have to supply the cat.
Frankie has grown and is getting her beagle face. She's still cute, even if trouble. I love that Roscoe steals her sticks. My old Mandy (a german shepherd) used to play with our little dog's sticks, too. What they would do is this:
Puppy would get a stick and run up onto the porch.
Mandy would come over and grab the stick and while Puppy held on for dear life, she would throw him off the porch. They would play this "game" over and over.

Melanie said...

I love it. I love all the close ups of her and the ones with Roscoe. She's so stinking cute!

Sue said...

sounds like your dogs are providing you with some entertainment.
Little Frankie is so cute even though she is mischievous!

footsack said...

I love your little puppy!! She is so adorable and sounds like she gives you a lot of entertainment :)

Avaelyn said...

She's still so little, but I definitely think she's grown, too! She looks more like a beagle dog and less like a baby puppy. Aww!

Momisodes said...

Oh my. She really is so stinking cute!

I totally melt for puppies.

Becky said...

Bad. But cute. Can't wait to meet her.

Becky said...

Also, how have I never seen that cat before? I want that cat. I don't like cats anymore. But I like that cat. And I want it. It LIKES that piano!!! It's playing it because it LIKES it!

Ho man. Now THAT'S a cat. I'd let that cat sleep on my bed even.

Toad said...


Jientje said...

I'm home, so don't you worry anymore. Had a fab time, more about that later . Hugs, xxx

Bientje said...

Hi Christine!
Jientje is doing fine! She's coming home from her US-trip today together with her husband who flew to Chicago on Saturday to be able to spend the last few days together before returning home. The small computer she took with her died on her in the first week so she didn't post much. And you know how it is, there is just too much to see, too much to visit, too much to photograph to spend time behind the computer!
How are you holding up? It was a good idea to get a puppy! It keeps you busy!
My blogpost was about the new traffic rules imposed by the new big cars and the hierarchy of the cars. I was very much annoyed having to drive a 20 year old small battered red car and nearly being driven of the road by a large Porsche Cayenne! Letting of steam! Hehehehe
Big hug!

Lucy said...

What pretty nails!!!

O.K. looooove the puppy!!! Roscoe will help keep her under control that is what our older dog did for our little one and now they get along really well too!!!