Wednesday, September 02, 2009

The Verdict

Mike's Chili Parlor: Five stars out of five for atmosphere. It was so funny seeing this little place surrounded by large modern buildings. The diner has been in the family four generations. I am sure there is no other place like it, very original. However we gave it only three stars for the chili. John makes better.

Sorry for no picture. I forgot my camera so you will have to go to the link and see for yourselves. They have a very nice picture there.

John loves to watch Diners, Drive Ins and Dives. This place was featured on the show. We had to go and see for ourselves.


diana said...

sounds like a fun outing though.

sorry i haven't been around for the last week or so. i'm glad you got there okay and you're all set up and ready to tackle what's ahead. you and john will both be in my prayers.

p.s. i asked to be your friend on FB

Jientje said...

I can imagine home made chili made by John tastes a whole lot better, but still, it looks like a very nice place!

Momisodes said...

That looks like a cool place! I love watching that show on the Food Network every now and then too. I've never had the chance to try and restaurant featured on the show.