Saturday, June 20, 2009

Home Sweet Home

Most of my posts this month will be over at the John Braun Page see blog list on side bar cause I am too lazy to link but I thought I would drop a note here to let you know that so far everything is going pretty good. John is doing well and has been able to come home for day passes. He can continue to do that until his neutrophils drop. Neutrophils are the cells in your blood that fight infection. His white counts have dropped but as of this morning his neutrophils are still normal. I am sitting around at home waiting to see if I get to rescue him again today. He hates the hospital so much. Yesterday when we finally got to leave, he ran for the elevator. You could hardly see him go for the smoke he was leaving in his trail. His doctor a new guy who is covering for Dr. M. when he gets a day off was right behind. It made his eyes get big. So far he has not had the horrible time that he had with the last transplant. I hope that the trend continues.


Lucy said...

I'm glad he is still getting his day passes and totally don't blame him for racing to the elevator!!

diana said...

how hard it must be foe the both of you. what time does he then have to go back?