Saturday, May 30, 2009

Sweet Pea

John and I spent the better part of last week visiting our kids and grand kids who live out of town. We really needed to go. There is no better pick me up. I had fun playing with all of them. I taught little Hannah new things. It was so funny. I would click away with my tongue like a maniac. She would just stare and stare.

I figured that she thought her grandma was just a real nut case but lo and behold, out came one little click. At first I thought it must be a fluke but then out came another little click followed by the biggest smile ever!

I would follow that up with my own laughter and then she would follow that up with another big big smile. She is only two months old. We think that this is amazing. I don't remember if my kids mimicked at that age.

I attended Ben's preschool graduation. Here he is with his bestest buddy. They are so happy because they get to be in the same class in kindergarten. His mom and I find the size difference hilarious. They really don't notice.

Look up at the camera Sammy. Say cheese. Look at grandma. Sammy. Sammy. Here. Arghh. Sigh.... This boy is not shy. The picture may say he is shy but do not believe it.

I have been outside today gardening. I am hoping that we won't have anymore frost or snow. It is terribly windy today so I am eating a lot of dirt. Phteww!! I am waiting for John to get back from the store with my tomato plants. A little break is in order.

Our passports came in the mail today. If you squint your eyes enough, you might be able to see me jumping up and down. I am so relieved.

We are still waiting to find out what happens next with John's treatment. First the physician who reads the bone marrow biopsy's was away for a week and then our transplant oncologist was away this last week. I think we won't find anything out until Wednesday. Tuesday is the day when they go over every bodies files and make all the big decisions. We did find out that the last three rounds of chemo did absolutely nothing. That did not surprise me as we were told that usually a person hits a plateau. It is too bad that there was no way to figure out how a person was reacting. It would have saved him a couple of months of suffering.

Well. I had better get back at it. I am way behind on the yard work. I guess I will go and spit some more dirt.


The Invisible Mo said...

Ok...spit some for me since I was lazy and relaxed all day today.

Christine said...

It is cooking hot here this afternoon. The sun gave me a headache so I am quitting until later this evening. It is plus 84F.

Lucy said...

Kids = ADORABLE!, I can see why you go there to get perked up!!

End of May and you still wonder about Frost and Snow? Yuck!!

Oh, I see it heated up later, I'm confused(lol)

Karen said...

That baby is so cute! I know exactly what you mean about the pick me up--my daughter came to visit me for a week, last week. We had a lot of fun, and it was way too short a visit. Mmmmm, tomatoes. Worth their weight in dirt spit.

Becky said...

She IS cute isn't she? Sigh.

Jientje said...

Two months only?
Get out of here!! Too cute!
She must take after her grandmother, no doubt about THAT!!

diana said...

sounds like some great family time. glad you were able to spend some time with your grandkids.

and sorry to hear about the chemo not working. that must be frustrating for you both.

the fan said...

Isn't being a Grandmother just about the best thing in the whole world? That Baby Girl is a heart breaker.
xoxo the fan

Momisodes said...

I'm so glad you guys had a chance to see your grand kids. They are so adorable.

So glad you finally received your passports!

I'm very sorry to hear the news about the chemo. I hope you finally hear from one of the physicians soon.

sandra said...

Hannah is so cute. I wish I had a grand-daughter. I loved making things for my daughter.