Monday, March 23, 2009

On Hold? Anytime!

We are sorry that we are unable to take you call at this moment. We do value you so please hold the line and somebody will get to you as soon as they can. We do not have music for your listening pleasure but we do have the next best thing. We have your grandchildren. We hope you enjoy them and are not unduly inconvenienced.



Grandbaa? Hey it is Grandbaa. Graaandbaa! (sounds of jumping)

Hello Sammy! How are you?

Fine, (insert breathing and chewing noises plus mother prompting in the background Say: I miss you grandma) I mih you grandba (this is said in the sweetest voice that you could ever imagine.)

I miss you too Sammy!

more breathing and silence followed by prompting Say: I love you) I love you. Bye Bye. (thunk)

Well, that was short but rather sweet and sincere. ( spoken out loud but to the air)


Hello Grandma, this is Ben. Sammy does not want to talk to you anymore so I am gonna talk at you O.K.?

Well...O.K. I really wanted to talk to you too.

And talk we do. It would be too hard to type in the whole conversation. We talked about many things that concern only a boy and his grandma, well except for when he almost told me what his mother got me for Easter. Rats! His mother was listening just a little too close. He always tries to manipulate the conversation toward the goal of getting me to commit to coming to his house (three hours away) like right away. He usually uses supper to bribe me. If I tell him that it takes to long to drive and that I would miss super he promises: "We will put some aside for you."

*My daughter really doesn't have a message like the above. The message that I do get goes like this: "Ohhh, I can't talk now (frantic) Here, BEN talk to your grandma! gotta mumble mumble! Ohhh! Followed by:

Hello, this is Benjamin. Is this my grandma?

In my imagination I wonder: Is she burning the lunch? Is Sammy on top of the cat condo again? Or...maybe...No! The horror! Did she leave out the Sharpies? Hahahaha!


Momisodes said...

"I mih you grandba"- so sweet! That's way better than any regular message :)

And I love Ben's honesty...and that you almost found out what you're getting for Easter ;)

Jientje said...

Must be great to be a grandma!!

diana said...

i so look forward to being a grandma!!

Margaret said...

I love this post. I wish I was a Grandma,

Becky said...

I'm not really busy. I just tell you that so that I can pass you off to the boys for you to amuse them while I eat stuff and watch TV.


sandra said...

You're so lucky. I'll probably be 90 before I have another grandchild.

Karen said...

One of my grandsons has a speech problem so I really really hope each time I call my daughter that she doesn't put him on the phone. I can not understand a thing he says. I know that is a bad way to be, and I can't help it.