Thursday, March 12, 2009

O Kanada, My Village

I phoned Immigration Canada to see if I could find out the status of my citizen application. I was told that an envelope was mailed that very day that would inform me to appear before the judge on March 25, provincial court. It is time to cram. Even though I turned 55 in February, I may have to write the test. Here are some sample questions. Let us see how well you do. Pencils ready? Proceed!

Section One: Questions about Canada

1. Who are the Aboriginal peoples of Canada?

2. Who were the United European Loyalists?

3. When did settlers from France first establish communities on the St. Lawrence River?

4..What did the government do to make immigration to western Canada much easier?

5. Which four provinces first formed Confederation?

6. When did the British North American Act come into effect?

7. Why is the Constitution Act, 1982 important in Canadian history?

8. When did the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms become part of the Canadian Constitution?

9. Name two fundamental freedoms protected by the Canadian Charter of Rights And Freedoms.

10. Where does the name "Canada" come from?

Submit your answers and I will grade them. This will help me study. I am hoping that the test will be multiple choice. If it is...I will be fine. If it is not... Lets say, I had better study hard! Some of the questions are easy on the sample test but probably more than half of them the average Canadian would have trouble answering unless you happen to be in grade five. No cheating. This is not an open book exam.


Jientje said...

Oh boy!!! I think you'd better start studying!!

The Invisible Mo said...

It will be very easy to grade my answers because they are the same for all ten questions (basically, I don't know.)although maybe you can grade the different wording strategies.
1. I don't know.
2. I have no idea.
3. A long time ago.
4. Allow it?
5. Well, there were four of them.
6. Back then.
7. Because.
8. You know, back when they added it.
9. Freedom to drink beer and say "eh?"
10. The big book of "Name That Country".

little erin said...

i put together a study in college about whether regular ol' americans could pass the test to become citizens of the united states. it was a small sample, i think only 40 people took the shortened version of the test we administered, but out of lets say forty (it could have been 30 or 50, i don't remember) only 3 people passed the test. and every single teacher, doctor, lawyer or city official failed the test. and these are all people who i know... so i know that they are intelligent!!! the 3 people who passed the test worked in the "working class" field!! interesting, huh?

Lucy said...

Doesn't sound like fun.
Good Luck!

Trav said...

ok... here we go.... i'm going to do my darndest.... and i will not google anything... i promise.

1. the native canadians?
2. no clue. the red coats?
3. this one i think i know... 1534 it was cptn jaques cartier.
4. this will either be the railroad, or the free land that was offered. i'm going to guess the railroad tho.
5. ontario, quebec, manitoba, british columbia
6. 1725?? i honestly used to know, back in highschool... but i forget now
7. because the constitution act sets canada apart from british rule, thus nullifying the british north america act completely.
8. 1982?
9. freedom of belief, and freedom of movement.
10. from that heritage commercial, no, i think he means the people, the village. lol... just kidding... kind of... i believe it is actually iroquois for "the village"
11. there is no 11.
ok... i'm done... how did i do? am i allowed to be canadian?

Becky said...

LOL @ Mo.

KAGS Herself said...

We've just started the application process - so hopefully the 4 year wait will be long enough to learn all this!

Aspergertopia said...

Oh goodness. My Mom and Dad got their citizenship 2 years ago. My Mom wrote the exam but Dad didn't have to.

It's exciting, no?

sandra said...


diana said...

i don't know a single one. but i'm not canadian so i don't feel bad about that =)

so, you're not canadian? what's the story? have you posted how you came to live there? where did you come from? inquiring minds (mine might be the only one) want to know.