Monday, December 08, 2008

On The Way Home

We left behind the misty mountains of Washington.

On our way through Idaho we stopped for lunch. We did not eat here. This picture is for Becky. I figured she would like it so I made John stop to get a picture of it. We ate at Quiznos. John loves Quiznos. All fast food is the same to me which is not very good.

We stopped at Coeur D'Alenes Old Mission in Idaho. It is the oldest remaining building in Idaho, so the brochure said. This mission sits up in the mountains. They could not have picked a more beautiful location.

The Jesuit priests opened its doors in 1853 to the Schee-chu-umsh people. These people heard that their neighboring tribe had a medicine man of great powers so they they invited these Black robes to come and dwell with them.

The confessional looks very old. I wonder how many confessions were made. The wood looks well worn.

The alter and the side alters. The ceiling was hand carved by one of the priests who were skilled artists, carpenters, gardeners, scholars as well as priests. Multi taskers!

After that we took another little side trip and walked along this mountain river, still Idaho. We saw many little animal tracks. John figures that they were some type of weasel.

We are staying in Great Falls Montana. I do not know if there are any Great Falls around here. I don't think so. The terrain is arid grassland with hills and bluffs. It was too dark for pictures when we rolled in. I will take some tomorrow morning. We will be in Saskatchewan tomorrow but I don't think we will make it all the way home.


Becky said...

Hey... Didn't we stop in Great Falls to shop with California Breakaway? Or am I confused?

Thanks for the picture of the Bell. Of course, now I'm craving burritos. Buy me a couple and stick them in your trunk. I'll eat them at Christmas. (Kidding.) (Mostly.)

footsack said...

It's good to see that you guys are at least enjoying your trip home. It's also a good thing you are going across the US and then up into Sask. There was heavy snow in the BC interior. Yuck.
We just pray that the roads are good all the way home.
I'm loving all your updates. Thanks.

Lucy said...

Wow! The pictures were beautiful. Thanks for sharing and looks like you are enjoying your ride home. It is nice to take your time and make memories. My husband takes shortest route, no 'detours', it can be frustrating at times.

diana said...

you got some great pics. i'm glad you're able to enjoy the trip home.

how can you say all fast food is the same? a quiznos sandwich compares to no other! jk. i love quiznos.

Jientje said...

Oops! Looks like I missed a couple of posts!! I'm sorry Christine!! All that trouble for nothing?
That sucks!!
I'm sending the two of you good vibes, to get you safely home, and for the treatment John has to get! I hope in a couple of weeks (months?) you can make the trip in the opposite direction again!

Jientje said...

By the way, I love your pictures!

Fluffy said...

I think I got some yarn made from Musk Ox fur from Montana. It was wonderful yarn, but very expensive. The website shows them playing with a big ball in the snow. Not my kind of weather.

Saucy said...

I will sheepishly admit to you that I lurrve me some Taco Bell when I am traveling away from Saskatchewan. It is like my crack.

What a long drive!

Momisodes said...

these are some wonderful photos! It certainly looks warmer in these areas :) Glad to see you had a chance to stop and see some sights on the way.