Sunday, November 30, 2008

The Last Day Of November

We did not go out today even though the weather was nice. We were pretty much cornered in our apartment due to the Seattle Marathon. Traffic down Mercer Street was backed up. It would have been almost impossible to get out of the garage. I went and watched on the roof. I timed it just right and saw the leader fly by. He was lapping these guys. Did he ever move. he was way ahead of everybody else.

John went for a walk and decided to try the pizza place down the street. I will let him post about that. It wasn't at all what you would expect it to be. Check The John Braun Page. He may take a little while to get around to it.

I went up on the roof this evening. It is so foggy that I couldn't see any of the sky scrappers. The sound of the I - 5 is muted. Fog can be nice.

I started a new knitting project. We are watching the Lord Of The Rings marathon.

It really is hard to come up with anything when you just sit around the apartment. This is getting painful. I just can't think of any thing to write except that I made it. I posted every day in November. Now I will return to my regular habit of posting only when I think of something to post.


Becky said...

Dang. I like daily posts. Now I will have to fill my day with productive activities instead of sitting on my duff in front of the computer. Pfft.

footsack said...

hmmmmm.....well well, I just don't know what to say. I wondered about your previous post. I thought you were very i commented. Nothing happened. I commented again...still nothing. I never thought it was my computer...or yours. Whatever :0
It was very foggy here on the island too. Thick as pea soup. I kind of like it. It makes every thing feel king of mysterious!

The Invisible Mo said...

I haven't been on the computer for a couple of days. Things got a little hectic on me.
I have lots of old movies on DVD and some newer movies, too. Please don't feel shy about asking me for things to use while you're here. No sense in spending money that you don't have to spend.
I also have plenty of VHS, but can't remember if your player plays both or only DVDs.
Anything you need, ask me. I'm falling asleep. I will try to phone tomorrow.

Jientje said...

Congratulations Christine!! You made it! 30 more posts for me until 365 is over, and I think I'll be taking it a little easier after that too! I don't know, can't seem to want to miss my friends for longer than a day, so we'll see! It'll be a relief not to HAVE to post every day, that's true! I'll have to dig into your archives Christine, they want the recipe for the peppernuts again! I made them last year, but I don't know if I can find that recipe again, ewww!

Eve said...

Congratulations on making it through NaBloPoMo another year. I missed the last three days. Oh, well. I'll be posting often through the rest of the year anyway. I'm anxious to see pictures of the arboretum.

diana said...

congratulations on making it. all of us who were able to do it deserve a pat on the back.

i'm going to have to go back and read what i wrote because i can't believe i had enough to say to be able to post every day for 30 days.

congrats again.

Momisodes said...

Woohoo! November is over :) Congrats on crossing the finish line.

Fluffy said...

I love fog. I feel like I am all alone without being alone.