Thursday, November 20, 2008

Here...Plus... A Little Of The Trip Here

Roof top garden

with a spectacular view!

Dining room and kitchen is on other side of window. Thank you for the flowers Becky!

An evening view of the Space Needle from our roof top. There are cranes galore, construction every where you look!

On The Way Here

We stopped to stretch our legs and get the kinks out of our knees. This is an apple orchard. I find it amazing how they prune the trees.It seems to me that there is hardly anything left of them but this is how they get them to produce so much. Sorry for the blurry picture. I have some clear ones but I wanted to show you John wandering around out there and what he found that made him happy.

Very happy! He picked that off the ground. Yeash!

On our way to Seattle we had got tired of restaurant food and stopped at a grocery store, purchased some buns, cheese and a little fruit. We stopped at a small park in Vernon B.C. to enjoy our lunch. We decided that it would be alright for us to go into the park seeing how neither of us were ever a dog or a horse in this lifetime anyway.

It was a pretty little park and had a little beach. I couldn't help but think of what fun it would be to spend a day with our grandsons there. I love the giant willows that you find in this area. It reminds me of the willows in Colorado Springs where I grew up. I wish I could have one of them in my back yard.

This is a view of the lake. There were geese there but they were too far to show up well. Next camera that I get has got to have a better zoom lens. I think if you click on the photo, you may be able to see them. This lake runs for 40 kilometers down the valley.

Wednesday we had the first appointment. We filled in lots of forms. Met with Ian who is both John's and David's nurse. He is a Canadian so he alone knew what Gravol was. Seems that Gravol is sold by a different name in the United States. Our cultures are so very much the same but little things like this remind us that we are not in Canada.

Today a guy phoned to sell us a subscription to the Seattle Times. I told him that we would only be living in Seattle for a few months. He asked me if I was a Canadian. I asked him why he would think that. He said that I sounded like one. Get that Becky! Hahaha! I sound like a Canadian. Hahaha! Sorry about that folks. This is an ongoing debate between the two of us. She does not believe that Canadians have a discernible accent. As a former American who visited Canada regularly, Canadians sounded somewhat British to me when I was a kid. I figure that if I have an accent that it would not be as pronounced as real Canadians seeing as how I was American for a portion of my life. Wouldn't that tone it down somewhat? So...for the rest of you Canadians, your accent would be picked up on even before mine. Seriously though...very few of the Americans here in Seattle have an accent that I can pick up on.

Anyway...I sure am going on and on today. For more information about the medical side of things check out The John Braun page listed in my blog roll in the side bar. I will be posting that information over there and don't want to repeat it all here.


Jientje said...

I could see the geese when I clicked on it, lovely picture! I'm so glad you can add pictures now,at least now we can fully understand what you're talking about! It's a very nice place you've got there as your new place for the next couple of months. At least it looks very homely, unlike a hotel room!

Cindi said...

I can hear Uncle John laughing over his find in that picture of him! I love it!

Momisodes said...

You really found some gorgeous places! I love that you can see the space needle. What an awesome view!

I hope all is going well in the new place. It looks lovely :)

Sue said...

That picture of John with the apple is hilarious! I hope it tasted as good as it looks. I love your roof top garden. Very cityish!

KiniWoman said...

Gorgeous photo of the lake! I would love to be there, right now!

Karen said...

Looks like it was a very nice trip, and that roof top garden is nice, too. Oh yeah, a cozy apartment.

diana said...

looks like you got your camera cable. i love that last picture. very peaceful looking. hope you find peace while you're there.

Fluffy said...

Well, I don't have an accent, but everybody else does. I find accents interseting. My husband is from Oklahoma and he has relatives in West Virginia. Their accents are unreal. I always expect them to stop talking that way and start laughing at me for believing them.